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Effective Tips For Twitter

Posted in Memory Hook Ideas with tags , on July 25, 2015 by Richard
How to be effective on Twitter

How to be effective on Twitter







Making your efforts effective on Twitter can often be as simple as applying a few simple techniques, here’s my Top Ten Tips for making your efforts on Twitter more effective:

Tip 1
A good bio sells – but a brilliant bio is even better.
Talking about yourself is never easy – but completing it in just 160 characters is even harder.
Include keywords your followers or potential followers may be trying to find.
Spend time getting this right and it will give pay-back

Tip 2
Don’t be entirely self-promotional. Mix up your content.

Tip 3
Use images to support your post – images are proven to stimulate interest

Tip 4
Engage with your followers – Tweet questions to encourage interaction with your followers.

Tip 5
Starting a Tweet with an ‘@’ followed by a Twitter user name means it will only be seen by them.
If you want to reference another user, put some content in front.

Tip 6
Twitter is a two-way conversation – Tweet questions to encourage your followers to interact with you.

Tip 7
Add hashtags (#) to your tweets. For example, if your tweet is about computers, consider adding #computer in the tweet.

Tip 8

If you’re lucky enough to get your followers to do a re-tweet (RT) – say thank you!!

Tip 9
Twitter lists are an excellent method of filtering filter through the people you follow
Create your own lists, but also subscribe to other folks

Tip 10
Keep some space available in your tweet in case someone retweets (RT) your post.
I recommend keeping it to 120 characters max


Five Things ANYONE Can Do On Twitter

Posted in Opinions & Comments, Trivia with tags , , on April 30, 2013 by Richard

I often get asked – “how do I get started on Twitter’?, or ‘how do you get people to connect with you on Twitter’? And you know, it’s not difficult at all to get started, and once you get going, if you follow these five simple tips, you’ll soon be making headway.


Tip 1: Make it personal. If it’s about ‘you’, why not let us see ‘you’ with a personal photo, but don’t whatever you do, leave that lazy boy ‘egg’ avatar in place. Most folk are deeply suspicious of bios that leave the egg in place – not an auspicious start to connecting with folk.

Tip 2: Spend some time editing and then re-editing your Twitter ‘bio’. Why are you on Twitter? Who do you want to connect with? Maybe put a link to your website here too. The go back, read it, and do yet another re-edit!!

Tip 3: Post as often or as little as you choose – post about whatever you choose, but please post something. It can’t be beyond you to post daily can it? Ask the world a question – or tell the world something – go on, open up a little bit.

Tip 4: Always check for comments under the ‘@’ button – this is where you’ll see what folk are saying to you, or about you, on Twitter. Read what’s been said, and reply, engage, show the world that you’re a human being. If you see someone’s re-tweeted you, say ‘thank you’ – you were always taught to do that weren’t you!!

Tip 5: Do a search on Twitter for folk that you want to connect with, or even folk simply discussing stuff that interests you – and, when you find them, engage with them. If they’re tweeting things that you consider to be good reading or reference material, why not re-tweet them? You’re sure to make connections, and it’s friendly!

5 Reasons Why I’m NOT Going To Follow You On Twitter

Posted in Opinions & Comments, Trivia with tags on December 16, 2011 by Richard

Love it or hate it, it’s your choice, but, you ignore it at your peril. Twitter has seen amazing growth year on year, and now has in excess of 300 million users worldwide. That’s quite an audience!!!

As with any technology, and in particular ‘internet based’ technology, it’s been picked up and used/abused by all and sundry, all attempting to spam their way into our streams. So, having been Tweeting (under different guises) since 2008, I thought I’d share just five reasons why I wont be following you on Twitter:

1: You’re using the default egg avatar. Try adding a photo of yourself
2: You’re using an out-of-focus photo, or maybe a sultry topless one.
3: You’ve not added anything to your bio. Give me some detail, where are you? Maybe add a link to your website, blog, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.
4: You keep repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating the same tweets tweets tweets all day.
5: You think its smart to tweet about automated programs offering to grow your Twitter followers

Twitter Used Primarily By Under 40’s

Posted in Networking with tags , , , , on June 29, 2009 by Richard

When you look at the growth of social networking sites like Twitter, it’s certainly a phenomena you need to consider. Life used to be so much simpler didn’t it? Do the occasional press release, organise a company newsletter or magazine and circulate it to your database (no worries about spam or unsubscribe!!), whereas now, you have tons more plates to keep spinning.

Practically ALL of the businesses that I meet as MD of RT Promotions talk about networking, and social networking, both physically and the ever popular on-line style. Most, are a little daunted by the technology involved, the time it may take to contribute, the money it may consume, and some simply scared of getting involved, others see it as a fad.

Last week Forbes Insights, in association with Google, released a study showing that more than half of business executives under the age of 40 interact on micro-blogging platforms like Twitter.

The report, “The Rise of the Digital C-Suite: How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information,” showed that 32% of business executives under 40 read or generate microfeeds daily, and 24% do so several times a week. In total, 56% of Executives Under 40 Use Twitter and Micro-blogging.

So…. it’s not a fad, and is not showing any signs of fading. With an audience as important as this, you simply MUST consider getting involved if you are in business.

By the way, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, just follow this link. RT_Promotions. ….. I hope you like it.