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How Do You Recognise Your Own Unique Skills?

Posted in Opinions & Comments, Trivia, UK with tags , , on April 8, 2013 by Richard

I’ve been pondering on this question for a while. Ever since I heard a presentation from a guy called Gary May. he runs a business called ‘Salesology‘, which is all about helping people and companies, realise their sales potential. Well, during his short presentation, he challenged the group to consider “Ten things You Should Consider When Purchasing (insert your product or services here)”.

The idea here is that you create a list of things, your customers should consider, when they’re about to make a purchase. The point of course, is that aside from being honest, it should focus on the ‘uniqueness’ of your products or service offering, something that your competitors probably don’t have, or at least if they do, they wont have all TEN of them. The challenge is this: every single one of the people in the the same group I was in, that heard the exact same presentation, ALL said – “what a brilliant idea, I’ll go away and work on those ten things right now” – and yet here we are, maybe five months later, and not a single one of them has done it yet.

I believe it’s mostly because they are struggling with understanding their ‘uniqueness’. What we’re really saying is, “why do people buy off of you, and not your competitors”? It’s really tough to blow your own trumpet isn’t it? So I say this, go talk to some close associates, people who truly understand your business, and ask them to tell you. After you’ve done that, why not ask your customers? You might be surprised at what you hear!!