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Evidence that Promotional Gifts bring a ROI

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The newest research from the bpma indicates that Promotional Merchandise delivers results, that’s why big brands have increased their spend on this marketing medium.

The survey was commissioned by the bpma and individual interviews were carried out by an independent research agency to a 1000 respondents, the results of which were published in Spring 2013. Sectors represented in the survey included finance and IT, retail, services, insurance, charity and education.

See – I told you it worked!!!!!

Promotional Product Effectiveness

Promotional Product Effectiveness

Unusual Ideas For Promotional Gifts – Condoms

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I can think of quite a few businesses that could give away a promotional condom to promote their business – but for the purposes of this blog post I don’t think I’ll venture down that particular avenue!!! The example I’m going to share with you is pretty extraordinary – believe it or not, this article is about a restaurant using a promotional condom as part of their marketing activity. But here’s the point – it worked!!! I got to hear about it after a customer told me all about it – he had kept hold of the promotional gift, and wanted to show it to me, tell me all about it – and in doing so – told me all about the fantastic restaurant he’d been to – effective or what?

The first thing he did was to put the keyring on the bar (yes, my meeting was in a bar, I do get out occasionally). my first view of the keyring is the one you can see in this photo.

Pretty straightforward stuff.

I sell loads of keyrings just like this to all manner of businesses – I couldn’t see what he was so excited about.

Then he turned the keyring over – and there it was, a promotional condom on the back of the keyring.

Now I didn’t quite understand what this was all about, until he filled me in on the ‘backstory’.
In the UK, up until the 60’s, the most popular method of buying a condom was at the barbers (hairdressers). I don’t know why that was, it just was….. but in Thailand, the most popular place to buy your condoms is at the greengrocer, with your fruit and veg – again, I’ve no idea why this should be the case, but this is what I’ve been told. So, the owners of this new Thai Restaurant in Oxfordshire, for reasons best known to themselves, decided to call their restaurant ‘Cabbages and Condoms’.

I’m puzzled and impressed in equal measures.

The business owners have gone and done something that people are talking about – they’re certainly going to be remembered – but is it all for the right reasons?


Effective Promotional Gifts – The Umbrella

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Printed Umbrellas

It’s often said to me that most promotional gifts are simply not kept by the recipient. They’re viewed us low value or cheap and tacky, and simply given away. naturally I’d argue with that, as I have many, many examples of low costs business gifts bringing my clients a Return On Their Investment (often referred to as ROI). However, I ‘can’ understand why some folk may have the impression that promo gifts aren’t kept. That’s why I believe Printed Umbrellas are one of the most impactful promotional gift ideas out there. Umbrellas are a promo gift that are rarely discarded. I believe they are the perfect promotional gift, and yet, they are so often under utilized. If you get this right, they’re a mobile advertising message that will hang around and be used for years.

I’d like to share some tips with you on how to ensure you get the best possible results from them.

  • Printed Umbrellas don’t HAVE to be ‘golf umbrellas’. Why not consider an alternative shape/size that’s appropriate to your target market?
  • Umbrellas are perfect for any sporting occasion, but are also powerful promo gifts for use in the hospitality sector. A handful of umbrellas in the lobby of an Hotel or restaurant are a great way to show your customers how much you care!!
  • You don’t HAVE to have that classic golf umbrella look (alternate coloured panels), and for no additional cost, can often have the whole canopy in just one colour (one to match your brand?)
  • As a general rule, you will pay extra, each time your message is printed onto the umbrella’s canopy panels. The typical umbrella has eight canopies, so if you print onto every panel, you’ll be paying for the privilege!! Why not be subtle, and have just the one/two panels printed? Some of your recipients may like this more and then use the umbrella more often, resulting in increased exposure for your brand or message.
  • Have you considered a Travel or Folding Umbrella?
  • Printed Umbrellas can last a long time. We regularly see examples, still in use, that are more than ten years old, so make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
  • Have you considered a ‘double skinned’ umbrella? Working with two different coloured materials, we can manufacture the umbrella with an outer canopy and an inner skin that complement your brand. Certain colours make the umbrella look stunning, and that’s even before we print it for you.
  • The handle is an important element of the umbrella, and with many of them we can offer you a choice. Low cost budget plastic, wooden, moulded grip or even a crook handle.
  • New print technology allows us to print multicoloured designs across the whole of the canopy, with a total disregard for the limitations of printing within the confines of the individual panels. With the right artwork, the effect is amazing!!!
  • Don’t forget those little attention to details: Colour co-ordinated handles, ribs and spike? Branded umbrella pouches? Printed fastening straps? Printed epoxy decals inserted into the base of the handle?

Effective Promotional Gifts – The Coffee Coaster

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Take a look at the average desk in your office. The chances are that most of them will have a coffee coaster, possibly with someone’s marketing message on. There’s no doubt that a Promotional Coffee Coaster is an effective marketing tool, and we’d like to share some tips with you on how to ensure you get the best possible results from them.
Top Ten Tips for Promotional Coffee Coasters

Top Ten Tips for Promotional Coffee Coasters

  1. Remember that whilst in use, the central area will be covered by the coffee mug. Design your coaster with print around the edges so that your marketing message is seen at ALL times.
  2. Consider using a trackable unique telephone number so you can measure their effectiveness.
  3. Make your coasters really stand out by selecting an unusual base material. You can get glass coasters, leather coasters, ceramic/earthenware coasters, or maybe you’ll go ‘green’ and have a coaster made from recycled materials?
  4. A lot of desks will already have a coaster. Is your design good enough to make the recipient choose yours over their existing one?
  5. Let your competitors spend all the money on the more expensive promotional coffee mugs. Just make sure they use your lower cost coasters to put them on!!
  6. Promotional Coffee Coasters can last a long time. We regularly see examples, still in use, that are more than ten years old, so make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
  7. Choose a coaster shape that compliments your brand/logo/message. Instead of the more common square or round shapes, why not consider: oval shaped coffee coasters, octagonal shaped coffee coasters, heart shaped coffee coasters, house shaped coffee coasters, and there’s even a coffee coaster shaped like a jigsaw puzzle!!
  8. Promotional Coffee Coasters are perfect for mailshots. They slip into a standard envelope, and go ‘letter post’ saving you money on the more expensive ‘lumpy’ items.
  9. Put a ‘call to action’ on your Promotional Coffee Coasters. They’re a marketing tool and a daily ‘memory hook’, so invite your prospects to do something. Visit your website perhaps?
  10. Purchase more than you think you’ll need. It’ll make the cost per coaster cheaper so you won’t mind giving them away!!

Getting A Return On Your Investment

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Do you measure how effective your marketing initiatives are? All that time effort and money you’ve been spending on brochures, leaflets, flyers, advertising, etc, how do you know which is effective and which isn’t?

Here at RT Promotions the best thing about working with promotional gifts is that you can, if planned in advance, quite easily measure their effectiveness. One of our clients wanted to do a mailshot campaign to their prospect database. We worked with them on putting together an appropriate branded giveaway and supplied them with 1,000 promotional coffee coasters. Perfect to go into a mailshot campaign, as their size and weight don’t add to the postal costs here in the UK.

But here’s the thing, here’s the one thing they did that allowed them to measure this promotional idea…. they used a unique email address and telephone number on the coasters. It’s really easy to do this, and allows you to track incoming emails and calls, and of course, because the details are unique, it can mean just one thing, the enquiry has come as a direct result of the promotional coffee coaster campaign. I can tell you that they had over 50 enquiries as a result of the campaign, resulting in 10 new customers. Lets say the cost of the coasters was £500 (it was cheaper, but lets play a worst case cost scenerio). If it cost £500 and you secured 10 new customers from the campaign, then the cost per customer would be just £50!!

Or, put another way. If each customer spent an average of £750 with you, and you made a margin of 33% on each one, then the campaign would have brought you additional profit of £2,500.

So lets look at ‘Return on Investment’ one more time shall we? You spent £500, and made an instant return (profit) of £2,500!!! I’d say thats pretty good wouldn’t you?

Just two more thoughts…
1: Those customers should continue to buy, so ask yourself the question. What’s your average customer spend/profit over a year. The think how many years does your average customer stay with you for? That figure is the TRUE return on investment, as your initial £500 will continue to bring you a return from those customers for years to come.
2:  Lastly, think about the 950 other businesses, that received your coffee coaster, but didn’t instantly respond to the promotion. They could well still be in use, constantly reminding folk of your brand and service delivery. Think of them as ‘ticking sales time bombs’, they could go off at any time, you could receive your 51st enquiry from the promotion.

How To Build Loyalty From Your Customers

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For anyone with a customer-facing business, building ‘loyalty’ from your clients has got to be the main challenge hasn’t it? They’ve met you, sampled your products or services, and now you’d like them to return.

Now you could argue that if you’re any good at what you do, your customers will return anyway, so I guess, for you, there’s no problem!!! You never lose any of your clients to competitors do you? I bet there’s not many business owners that would make that statement….

So how could you go about building loyalty, and how could my company, RT Promotions, help you?

Loyalty Cards

For many of our clients, the answer has been to use a ‘loyalty card’.

We offer these cards for use as either Membership Cards, Loyalty cards or even VIP Cards, and then brand them to our clients own personal spec, and in the example I’m showing you here, that’s a beautiful full colour image of a traditional English pub, complete with thatched roof. The cards can have a magnetic strip on the back, for use with swipe machines, can be individually numbered, as well as having a signature strip. The possibilities are endless, but it’s ‘how’ you use them that will ultimately encourage your customers to pay you a repeat visit.

As a promotional gift item they are perfect: they go direct to the individual person you want them to, their use is measured, and your return on investment is visible.

The Perfect Promotional Gift For Use With Mailshots

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There’s no disputing that ‘lumpy mail’ stands more chance of being opened than the standard leaflet/letter drop stuff, so it seems to me, that if you’re going to go to all the time, effort and expense of creating a mailshot campaign, it has to be effective, it has to bring you a return on your investment (ROI), and a promotional gift is a sure fire way to achieve that. But which one?

Here at RT Promotions, we try hard to not just sell our clients the first thing they ask for, we’ll usually ask them a few questions, not least, “How are you going to give these to your target market”. It may seem a daft question, but its an important one. You may be handing them out on the street or at a trade show, you may be giving them to folk you personally meet, you may be putting them into a goody bag, and lastly, you may be mailing them. Take a coffee mug for example. They’re a brilliant promotional gift, but, if you’re mailing them out, you’d better allow for a couple of things: 1: the costs of mailing such a lumpy/heavy item, and 2: the amount of broken mugs you’ll probably get.

Here in the UK, the mail system ‘measures’ the package you are going to post, and the cheapest item is referred to as a ‘letter’. To get your package classed as a ‘letter’, amongst other things, it mustn’t exceed a certain width, something like 10mm. At that width, practically all of the most effective promotional gifts are excluded, even the printed promotional pen can no longer be sent by letter post. So what can, and what’s effective?

Printed Fridge Magnets

Printed Fridge Magnets

Printed Fridge Magnets.
They’re perfect for the post, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, are printed in full colour (allowing your imagination to run wild with the visuals), and are available at a low cost – perfect for lumpy mail. It used to be the case that to get an unusually shaped magnet you’d have to pay for a set-up/cutter, but that’s hardly ever the case these days, with literally hundreds of pre-formed and pre-cut shapes for you to select from.

If you get the image right, these printed fridge magnets will hang around for ages. Think of all that memory hook marketing they’ll get. each time your customer walks by the magnet, they’ll subliminally see your brand or message. At such a low cost, these little promotional giveaways are sure to bring you a return on investment.