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A promotional Gift To Break The Ice

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It’s still only October and yet I had to scrape the ice off of my windscreen on Monday morning, and would you believe it, I couldn’t find my windscreen ice scraper from last winter. Driving into the office I pondered on that fact, and decided to put together a unique promotional offer, giving my clients the opportunity to have several hundred promotional gifts that will be ahead of the game, well received, as well as being a bargain.

Ice Scrapers are promotional gifts that will hang around for years, and with your name, logo and message on them, are brilliant ‘Memory Hooks’.

Promotional Ice Scraper - OFFER

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

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Statements about corporate responsibility are all the rage aren’t they? They’re a little bit like the ‘mission statements’ of the 80’s, they look good on paper and allow the ‘suits’ to say they’ve signed it off, but it often stops there, just a statement, no action.

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

In a world where being seen to ‘do’ something is half the battle, physically ‘wearing’ your statement is pretty powerful stuff right? My business, RT Promotions, apart from branding and personalising all the usual promotional give-aways (and yes, we do lots of ECO Friendly promotional gifts), have become known as specialists in embroidered and branded corporate wear (logo’d shirts). We have noticed a massive upsurge in the demand and supply of ECO Friendly clothing, and the savvy companies we work with have started to use this style of clothing wherever possible.

When buying ECO Friendly clothing, look to see if its accredited. We insist on our organic cotton that’s grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and defoilants. We try to use ‘Skal’ as they are the main internationally recognised certifier of organic cotton.

My personal corporate wear is always branded, and it works, people notice it and as a result, remember me and my business. That’s what I call ‘memory hook marketing’ the power of subliminally helping people to remember you and your business, so when the time is right for them to do business with you, they won’t have any trouble remembering you!!

Imagine the power of you and your staff wearing eco friendly clothing?


Recycling v Energy Use

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Recycled Promotional Products

Recycled Promotional Products

The promotional gifts market has seen a massive increase in demand for recycled and ECO friendly products for businesses to use to promote their business. The demand has caused a response from the manufacturers who battle to meet the challenge, and try to inspire by developing ever-original and creative products. This in turn leads to a healthy question and answer debate regarding just ‘how’ eco friendly each product is.

One that my business, RT Promotions, is sometimes asked is, “don’t recycled products require more energy to produce than standard products?”. It’s a good question, let me try and answer it.

In many cases, there is no more energy required at all. A key point here however, is that in my opinion, where there is more energy used, we simply need to stick with it, and as demand increases, so production techniques will improve, and one result ofthat is proven to be a reduction in energy. A great example of this is with recycled paper. In the early days (late 60’s and 70’s), the production of recycled paper was far more energy intensive than for the production of new (virgin) paper. Had the industry not stuck with it and improved the production techniques, we’d not be where we are today where recycled and virgin paper production is equally efficient.

In brief, the short-term pain has created a long-term gain. 

ECO Friendly Promotional Products – Some Facts

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ECO Friendly Promotional Gifts

ECO Friendly Promotional Gifts

So you’ve made a decision.

You’re going to make sure that the next time your company orders any Promotional Branded giveaways, that they are ECO Friendly or Recycled in some way.

And then someone asks you a question: “Surely buying a promotional product that’s made from recycled products is in itself, contributing to an industry that produces tons of giveaway items that should be considered wasteful”?

MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm…. good point. Lets take a look at it shall we?

With the best will in the world, you’re not going to stop the industry, but if we can replace at least some of those virgin giveaways with recycled or eco-friendly alternatives we will achieve three things:

1: We stop more waste going to landfill
2: We stop more finate raw materials from being used up.
3: We will be increasing people’s awareness of what can be achieved using these materials and in doing so, encourage greater use of these options.

So go on, don’t let the negative moaners win the day. Make a statement about your company by using an ECO-Friendly promotional giveaway for your next branded item.

Is Your Office ECO Friendly?

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ECO Friendly and Recycling is this years ‘black’.  Is your company ‘on message’? Of course, I’d like you to be thinking about promotional gifts, after all, thats what my company, RT Promotions does, and there are ways you can give a promotional item that are both functional, perhaps for the office, as well as giving a statement about your thoughts on this area.

Practically every office I’ve walked through has a gaggle of them, in fact, you will probably find one on every desk wont you? Have you ever wondered about all those staples being used in them, all that steel, and the cost of producing it?  I have read that one staple weighs 0.05 grammes, so if each of the UK’s estimated ten million office workers used one less staple a day, 120,000 kg (or 120 tonnes) of steel would be saved every year. Isn’t that amazing…. I hope its true!!!

ECO Friendly Promotional Stapler

ECO Friendly Promotional Stapler


With that in mind, think about this as a promotional gift. Its a stapleless stapler. It works by crimping your paper together, and is therefore ECO friendly. Imagine your brand or logo on this little giveaway, sitting on your customers desks, being used every day, and reminding everyone about your policy regarding the environment. Thats what we call ‘Memory Hook Marketing’, you are making it harder and harder for them to forget you, and are hooking them in.

Go on, make a difference, kick start your business and make a statement at the same time, suprise and astonish your customers with a low cost business generator. Hundreds of our customers do exactly this, and we see the positive difference it can make to their business.

Is your company giving a ‘green’ message

Posted in ECO Friendly, Promotional Gifts with tags , , , , on February 28, 2008 by Richard
I had an enquiry from one of our existing customers asking what his company could do to promote the fact that they were “environmentally friendly”? He was very keen to use some kind of promotional product as he’d used such things before (pens, rulers writing pads) and found them to be particularly effective.
To be tuthfull, my company hadn’t sold any “environmentally friendly” products before, so I didn’t know where to start…… I did some some research.
WOW…….there’s a whole new world of stuff that I hadn’t even looked at before. So much in fact, that I’ve decided to put a special link on my company web site, here, at RT Promotions. Please be patient by the way as there’s loads more to add, but at least there’s a link there that wasn’t there two weeks ago!!!
I now realise that this is a huge growth area for promotional products and that my company needs to reflect as much in its offerings. It stands to reason that if your company has a USP (Unique Sales Proposition or Unique Selling Point) of being in tune with the environment, and let me tell you that more and more companies do… then you need to TELL people you are doing this. What better way than with a pen thats been made from recycled Sony Playstations, or a ruler made from recycled vending machine cups, or a pencil-case made from recycled car tyres, etc etc.
I realise I’ve been a bit slow….but just watch me catch up!!!
Is your company environmentally friendly?

Do you make sure your customers know this fact?