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Three Great Give-Aways For A Boat Show

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What’s the best promotional gift for using as a give-away at a boat show?

Hands up how many of you said a ‘floating keyring’?

Floating keyrings are of course useful for anyone involved in boating – but it’s my guess that most of them will already have a floating keyring, so unless your option trumps the one they’ve already got, guess where your give-away is going?

My three suggestions – see below – are designed to make you think outside the box, and if nothing else, bring a smile to the recipients faces. Generally, when it comes to promotional gifts, putting a smile on their faces is half the battle in getting your product KEPT – that’s when the branding on it can kick in and start doing it’s job right?

So what are the three great give-aways for a boat show?

Give-Aways For A Boat Show

Give-Aways For A Boat Show



Number 1 – Bottle opener sunglasses
Everybody loves this idea, and it mixes the key ingredients of boating into one package – sun and relaxation

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Bottle Opener Sunglasses













Number 2 – Magnetic Torch

It’s the middle of the night, you need to use the bathroom, but, turning on all the lights is going to get a load groan from your companions. DON’T stub your toe in the dark – that’ll cause even complaints – simply reach for the handy magnetic torch you were given at that boat show – it’s where you left it, on the door of the fridge.

Magnetic Torch

Magnetic Torch













Number 3 – Bottle Opener/Torch/Keyring
Well now we’re cooking. Combining elements of the other two suggestions – you now have a handy torch, and a bottle opener, all kept nice and handy on that bunch of keys.

Bottle opener and torch keyfob

Bottle opener and torch keyfob













Looking for something inspirational? Well – you can always try my companies website – RT Promotions – we’ve over 4,500 hand picked items on there for you to browse, or feel free to call me or email me at my offices (details are on the website). Some of the very best solutions come to those who take the time to chat, give me an understanding of your business and your potential clients, and let me come up with proposals to make you smile.

Be Different – Go ‘Techie’

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Technology Based Promotional Gifts

Technology Based Promotional Gifts

If you do what you’ve always done – you’ll get what you’ve always got – or words to that effect.

I’m seeing a lot of interest in the luxury end of the promotional gifts market and thought I’d share my thoughts with you.
As the market recovers and the economy starts to move again we are seeing a lot of requests for technology related gifts and ideas for high income clients / VIP’s / top executives ….the sort of people who have “ everything “ as the saying goes!
Where once a “ Mont Blanc “ pen, high end crystal glass set or luxury set of leather luggage was the standard and accepted offering now with the change in consumer trends, customers are looking for more contemporary “must have – lifestyle gifts “ which reflect their daily usage of smart phones and tablets. Areas of particular interest in this area include portable power, audio devices and “pure gadgets”.

Portable power and the ability to stay connected and keep working when travelling is a critical business need and offers huge opportunity for the promotional marketer to keep their brand in view at all times. Power chargers which keep the latest smart phones and tablets connected is where the smart marketer is looking to invest their budget and reward / promote their brand with a key prospects / clients.
My advice when looking for such devices is to always choose better quality and don’t be tempted by devices which look too good to be true for the price – they are often unreliable and can disappoint or at worst damage the device which they were intended to support. Look for those with a 5V / 2.1A output and at least 5000 mAh battery capacity to make your client’s promotional gift “pack a punch” with their target audience.

Other items in hot demand are what could be described as “ pure gadgets “ such as “ pocket “ audio / visual projectors which can be quickly connected to a laptop, tablet or smart phone and provide both an instant entertainment solution and of course business presentation tool. A lot more useful and hence memorable than an executive pen….

Portable audio devices can make a very classy gift and are used widely amongst finance companies, automotive, software, banks and even sports teams to reward those target consumers that have everything or even as staff gifts instead of the traditional Christmas hamper.
These come now in every conceivable shape, size and sound quality, when looking for your client consider those with a min sound output of 4-5W if you want to impress the client.

Other popular ideas / incentives for VIP’s / conference gift include: “Virtual” Bluetooth Laser keyboards, retail branded (SONY / Philips / BOSE etc) high end headphones, Bluetooth luggage alarms, Worldwide USB travel charging hubs and even “Espresso” coffee machines.

Times are changing very fast and so is the taste for top end executive promotional gifts – don’t ignore the role technology has in the mix or your clients may start to shop elsewhere….

How’s It Hanging?

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So you’ve decided to purchase some balloons for your event.

Printing Onto Promotional Balloons

Printing Onto Promotional Balloons

Quantity required – tick.

Colour required – tick.

Message/image to be printed onto the balloon – tick.

That’s pretty much it isn’t it? Job done surely?

Well – not quite, there’s one very important decision you need to make to be sure the finished product is exactly as you require.

How are you going to ‘hang’ the balloons?

Are you going to hang them neck down, or neck up?

It seems obvious doesn’t it? But when we print promotional balloons for our clients, and ask them this question, so many of them don’t know – and best of all, they wonder why on earth we are asking them such a stupid question. The reason is to make sure that when we print their artwork onto each balloon, we do so the RIGHT WAY UP. We can’t assume that everyone is going to display their printed balloons ‘neck down’.  Balloons will only hang neck down if you fill them with helium, or, put the balloons onto a cup-stick. If we print onto the balloons assuming you will be filling them with helium, and you then inflate them manually, the result is that your message is upside down.

Balloons Printed The Wrong Way

Balloons Printed The Wrong Way

Printed Balloons are a great, FUN, way to promote your business or service offering. Just think about all those wonderful colours – there’s sure to be a few colours that will compliment your brand identity?

My top seven tips for printing onto promotional balloons are:

1: Why not choose a colour or selection of colours that represent your brand identity?

2: If, for example you were ordering 1,000 balloons, why not split your order buy buying 250 Red, 250 Blue, 250 Black and 250 Purple? If you keep your print colour onto all of them the same (white for example) there’ll be no extra charge – but the result will be so much more colourful and impactful.

3: Keep your costs down by only printing in ONE COLOUR onto each balloon.

4: Keep your costs down by only printing in ONE position onto each balloon.

5: Inflating your balloons with helium is fine and dandy, but have you considered the costs? If you’re planning on using them for an outside event in particular, why bother? They wobble and move and crash around almost as much when filled with air?

6:  If you are going to fill them with helium, then ask for ‘Heli-Valves’ to be fitted. They self-seal and come complete with a ribbon – saving you loads of time and effort on the day.

7: Balloons are great for giving away at trade shows, or county fairs – so consider putting a ‘teaser’ message onto them. Visit us on stand 229 for a surprise gift is sure to get noticed and bring more visitors to your stand.

Holding an event and want advice on how best to get your balloons printed? Call any of the team at RT Promotions – we’d love to help.

Promotional Balloons

Promotional Balloons


Printed and Personalised Balloons

Printed and Personalised Balloons

Attitudes and Perceptions of Promotional Products

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Here in the UK, a survey of 1,000 consumers has been conducted on behalf of the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) by the independent research company Atomik. The survey was completed in September 2013 and has some interesting finding on the attitudes and perceptions regarding promotional products.

Take a look at the results – we’ve been supplied some brilliant infographics.

Promotional Products - Attitudes and Perceptions

Promotional Products – Attitudes and Perceptions

Evidence that Promotional Gifts bring a ROI

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The newest research from the bpma indicates that Promotional Merchandise delivers results, that’s why big brands have increased their spend on this marketing medium.

The survey was commissioned by the bpma and individual interviews were carried out by an independent research agency to a 1000 respondents, the results of which were published in Spring 2013. Sectors represented in the survey included finance and IT, retail, services, insurance, charity and education.

See – I told you it worked!!!!!

Promotional Product Effectiveness

Promotional Product Effectiveness

My Top Ten Suggestions For Promotional Gifts This Christmas

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I thought it might be helpful if I showed you some of the more popular ideas that we offer for printed promotional gifts for Christmas – who knows, one of them might catch your attention. Maybe you’re gearing up for a Christmas staff party and are looking for something quirky to hand out, or perhaps you’d like to just add a smile to your customers faces by sending them ‘something’…. whatever your motivation, there’s always a solution I can find for you.

So, in the tradition of the Top 40 countdown, let’s take a look at the movers and shakers in the promotional gifts Christmas shopping lists…

Number Ten

Promotional Wall PlannersWall Planners

Always a popular item with office managers everywhere.
If you get this right, and the planner goes up on the wall, this is a promotional gift that just keeps giving.
We offer them in two different sizes (A1 or A2), You can choose from either a normal calendar year, or an academic year.
The colours and tints will be printed to compliment your corporate colours, so all you need to think about is what you want printed on the top and bottom of each one – easy!
Supplied flat packed and with prices kept the same as last year.

The minimum print run we offer is just 100 planners, and the pricing starts at £3.50 each.

Number Nine

Promotional Candle LightCandle Lights

You simply have to see these in action to appreciate how powerful they can be. I’ve walked into a corporate evening event, with the lights dimmed over the tables, and seen a wonderful asmospheric sight. Each table had ten of these candles strategically placed in the centre, all giving out that gently flickering candle effect, and best of all, the hosts’ logo was printed onto each one wishing the delegates a safe onward journey. I can tell you the guests on my table were all clambering to get their hands on one to take home – a promotional gift – rushing to get their hands on one!!!
Now imagine your guests giving the same reaction? It’s these little gestures that bring a smile to your staff or customers faces that ensure the gift is kept, re-used, and acts as a constant reminder of a great event/company.

The minimum print run we offer is just 100 candle lights, and the pricing starts at £3.75 each.

Number Eight

Promotional USB Memory SticksUSB Memory Sticks

My website has well over a hundred different styles and options for you to choose from, and this particular category of promotional gift has been on our ‘Best Seller’ lists for some time.
Now whilst this isn’t a gift specifically for Christmas – it’s just such a popular item that simply have to put it on our Top ten List – It’s certainly a gift that will be appreciated.

With pretty much all of the USB memory Sticks we have on offer, the minimum print run starts at just 50 units. Not bad eh?Pricing for USB Memory Sticks is dependent upon three factors: memory size required, print colours required, quantity required.

Contact us when you’ve found a design that you like, and we’ll give you our best price.

Number Seven

Christmas Sticky BugsChristmas Sticky Bugs

Yes I know, these aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they ARE very popular, great fun, and pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipients face.
I’ve seen these sprinkled on table tops, a bit like wedding favours or confetti would be, but the difference is, these are picked up and kept. They each have a little ribbon that they sit on that carrys your logo and message. It could be as simple as ‘Seasons Greetings from (insert your name/logo here)’? Once again, these would work well at corporate events, or even around the office, but I’ve seen them given to sales reps to hand out when they travel around meeting their customers.

Available in several ‘Festive’ characters – there’s a Snowman Bug (as seen in this e-shot)  or the Angel BugReindeer Bug, or maybe the Santa Bug?

The minimum print run on any of the Sticky Festive Bugs is 250 units, with pricing starting at just 43p each – now that’s what I call a ‘low cost smile generator’.

Number Six

Christmas Tree Tinned SweetsTin Of Yummy Sweets

Oh alright – it’s not really called a ‘Tin of Yummy Sweets’ – it’s correct name is ‘Christmas Tree Tinned Sweets’.
I love the look of this gift, and trust me – the sweets inside are yummilicious. The jelly beans are available in a range of 36 colours and flavours – so although we’re showing you red and white beans in our image, maybe you could find two or more colours to compliment your brand identity? If you’re happy for us to use the artwork as shown in the image, maybe adding your logo and a simple message, we wont even charge for the ‘Origination’ on this product.

With the minimum print run starting at just 50 units, and pricing from £11.50 each, this is one tasty gift.

Number Five

2013 Promotional Pocket Diaries2013 Pocket Diaries

Contrary to popular belief – diaries ARE NOT going out of fashion. Lots of my clients use them to promote their business very successfully.
Not everyone uses their phone, or an app, or their ‘Outlook’ function on their computer to control their diary, some folk still like to have a notebook with all the important stuff in, and so using a promotional pocket diary as a corporate gift is STILL relevant.
These small but useful pocket diaries come in a pretty big range of vinyl covers – maybe there’s one to compliment your corporate identity?
Like the wall planners – if you get this right, this is a gift that will be kept and used for the whole year!!!

Minimum print runs commence at just 250 diaries, and pricing from just 99p each!!!

Number Four

Desk Blotter CalendersDesk Blotter Calenders

We offer these desk blotter pads in two sizes, A3 and A2, but it’s the lower priced A3 one that’s most popular.
Consisting of 50 x sheets of 80gsm paper, glued along one edge so you tear off the top sheet when it’s full of scribbles.
We work with companies that ask us to print all manner of artwork onto these pads – and the pads are so big, you can let your creative juices run wild, but, at this time of year, why not print a calender along one edge of them? Need a hand with the design? We’ve got standard templates we can let you use, where we then colour code the artwork to your corporate style, and of course, any other additions like your logo, telephone number, web address, etc, etc can all be added.

The minimum print run starts at just fifty pads, but most folk buy at the more competitive quantity of 100 where the price per pad is £2.60.

Number Three

Christmas Card MousematChristmas Card Mousemat
This dual function mousemat sells all year round, usually for invitations to launch parties and events, but it’s also used as a greetings card.
The Christmas card part of the product is removeable, and so after you’ve got your seasons greetings over with – you then have a fully functioning mousemat for use all year round. Clever eh?It’s a great way of getting around the annual problem of ‘should we buy a Christmas card or not’?The minimum print run on this product is just 250 mousemats, and pricing starts at £2.50 each

Number Two

Quality Metal PensQuality Metal Pens

I’m often asked, “Have we left it too late to get a decent, quality pen”? – and the answer us usually ‘No’ – it’s in my nature to always find a soliution for my clients!!
The next question regarding quality metal pens is “Do I have to buy hundreds”? – and again, the answer is usually ‘No’.
The pen I’m showing you here is just one example of the hundreds available – it’s the Pierre Cardin Louvre Fountain Pen – a really nice pen to see and hold with some beautiful engraved detailing onto the barrel. The pen comes in it’s own velvet lined gift case, and of course, we engrave and personalise each pen for you. Should you wish, and at no extra cost, we can even engrave each pen with individual names.

The minimum quantity for this particular pen is really low – just 25 pens – and pricing at that quantity starts at £12.50 each.

Number One

Personalised Snow GlobesPersonalised Snow Globes

Your customers will love them!!! Just shake them up and watch the snow flakes fall – all with your own artwork in the background.
You can put anything you want into these seasonal giveaways – anything from a company logo with a message to a ‘team photo’ – they all work.
Best of all, I believe this is a gift that will be packed away with the Christmas decorations and brought out again, year after year, after year – now that’s what I call ‘effective’.

Minimim print runs are nice and low, starting at just 50 units with pricing from £6.00 each

Not Inspired By Anything?

Call us and lets have a chat. Many of our clients find it easier to tell us what they DON’T want, but that’s fine by us….. that’s what we’re here for.

Prices displayed include printing as stated, but not set-ups/originations or carriage costs.

Supermarket Trolley Token Keyrings – My Top Ten Tips

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Have you noticed how you’ve never got a £1 coin when you need one? It’s always when you’re in a rush, and all you need is a coin, but, despite all that loose change, there’s never a £1 coin when you want one. That’s where this promotional gift comes in. The Trolley Coin Keyring’s ‘coin’ wont work in machines where there’s a real value proposition, they only work in mechanisms where you get the token back: supermarket trolleys, lockers at the gym or health club, etc, and they’re PERFECT for business owners because we’ll personalise the tokens with your artwork and messages. These are very popular promotional gifts right now – so giving them away to folk who are in your target market makes a lot of sense. Read my Top Ten Tips for ‘how’ to make them effective.

Trolley Coin Keyrings

Trolley Coin Keyrings produced by RT Promotions

Keep it simple – Take a long hard look at a pound coin – Now imagine your artwork on one. If your artwork fits, we’ll print it on there for you, but think about it – it is a small print area – maybe this is an example of ‘less is more’?
Trolley Coin Keyrings have a habit of being popular, so be careful, they could hang around for a long time. Make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
In general, the published costs will be for printing onto just one side of the coin, you will pay extra to print onto the reverse. Whilst it’s nice to have two different messages, why not save money and be subtle, have just the one side printed?
Be different. Why not offer a ‘Euro Token’ instead of the more common ‘pound coin’? They cost the same to produce, but will appeal to different markets. Or if one of the more unusual designs works for you, why not consider the ‘House Shaped’ coin holder, or maybe the ‘Euro Coin’ one? Be different!!
If appropriate, make your Trolley Token stand out from the crowd by the clever use of colour. Need to appeal to the female market? Why not go for a bright pink coin?
Don’t forget those little attention to details: Why not upgrade to a gold coloured treatment? Or, consider putting them in a quality gift pouch to hand out.
Why not purchase one with a dual use? For example we can produce one that’s built into a keyring with a bottle opener feature.
Consider using a trackable unique telephone number so you can measure their effectiveness.
Most promotional gifts are aimed at the b2b market – the Trolley Token Keyring crosses the boundaries and also appeals to the b2c market. Think about ‘who’ will be receiving your gift and brand them with the right message for your market.
Purchase more than you think you’ll need. It’ll make the cost per coin cheaper so you won’t mind giving them away!!

If after all that you still need help – contact us here: