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Customer Care

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The world or Promotional Gifts is a busy one – full of quotes to clients, or prospective/new clients, looking for a price on all manner of corporate give-aways.

Getting to grips with how much an item is, is influenced by several factors: How many do you want, how many colours do you want me to print onto them, how many positions do you want me to print, and how quickly do you need them? Clients often don’t know the answers, they’re just checking ‘what if’s’, so we do our best, we quote, we check you’ve received the quote, the client asks for a sample, we send a sample, then we check they’ve received the sample, then we re-quote, then we check you’ve received everything, and then – it all goes quiet!!! Nothing – SILENCE.

So finding the right balance – of keeping in touch as opposed to pestering our clients is quite a challenge.

It’s a challenge that we work hard at, and frequently receive compliments about our ‘non pushy’ style – take a look at our ELVIS video, where the RT Promotions team re-worded an Elvis song to show our customers how much we care. You could say – All I needed to know about customer care I learnt from Elvis.

Three Great Give-Aways For A Boat Show

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What’s the best promotional gift for using as a give-away at a boat show?

Hands up how many of you said a ‘floating keyring’?

Floating keyrings are of course useful for anyone involved in boating – but it’s my guess that most of them will already have a floating keyring, so unless your option trumps the one they’ve already got, guess where your give-away is going?

My three suggestions – see below – are designed to make you think outside the box, and if nothing else, bring a smile to the recipients faces. Generally, when it comes to promotional gifts, putting a smile on their faces is half the battle in getting your product KEPT – that’s when the branding on it can kick in and start doing it’s job right?

So what are the three great give-aways for a boat show?

Give-Aways For A Boat Show

Give-Aways For A Boat Show



Number 1 – Bottle opener sunglasses
Everybody loves this idea, and it mixes the key ingredients of boating into one package – sun and relaxation

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Bottle Opener Sunglasses













Number 2 – Magnetic Torch

It’s the middle of the night, you need to use the bathroom, but, turning on all the lights is going to get a load groan from your companions. DON’T stub your toe in the dark – that’ll cause even complaints – simply reach for the handy magnetic torch you were given at that boat show – it’s where you left it, on the door of the fridge.

Magnetic Torch

Magnetic Torch













Number 3 – Bottle Opener/Torch/Keyring
Well now we’re cooking. Combining elements of the other two suggestions – you now have a handy torch, and a bottle opener, all kept nice and handy on that bunch of keys.

Bottle opener and torch keyfob

Bottle opener and torch keyfob













Looking for something inspirational? Well – you can always try my companies website – RT Promotions – we’ve over 4,500 hand picked items on there for you to browse, or feel free to call me or email me at my offices (details are on the website). Some of the very best solutions come to those who take the time to chat, give me an understanding of your business and your potential clients, and let me come up with proposals to make you smile.

Does Technology Have A Place In Corporate Gifts?

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When talking to colleagues, I often hear the comment that corporate buyers aren’t looking for for ‘technology-based’ Promotional Gifts, that there is no need for ‘high end / niche’ products such as these. As you can imagine, I have an opinion on that statement. Having heard it said a few times now, I feel this misconception often arises through lack of data. Some good old fashioned market stats might help, and specifically I’d like to see:
What the opportunity is?
How technology-based promotional gifts could work for all manner of businesses?
And, How fast this sector is growing.

Technology-Based Corporate Gifts

Technology-Based Corporate Gifts

Recent studies (Deloitte) show that the number of smart phone users in the UK is now upwards of 72 per cent of the total population. The key buyers / influencers of promotional products are often considered to be between the ages of 20-35 and in this category the ownership of a smart phone is likely to be 85-89 % of the population.

When you then add into the mix that some 29% of the population now also own a tablet computer, which is upwards of 20 million users in UK homes alone and is expected to grow around 26% each year for the foreseeable future! This clearly shows a huge and lucrative opportunity for promotional marketing to provide branded accessories and useful gadgets / tools to both business users and consumers.

It’s these sorts of stats which should/could be shown to corporate buyers to argue that its not just software companies or technology firms that should embrace this sector but all businesses can / should see the benefit in using technology in their marketing mix. The demand for technology-based products is growing fast and is moving towards 10% of the total spend on promotional products globally.

Research conducted in the USA in late 2012-3 also shows very interesting findings from consumers about their perception to promotional products. Based on approx. 700 consumers passing through an airport, some interesting findings (PPAI, 2013) were these:

• Eight in ten consumers own between one and ten promotional products, six in ten keep them for up to 2 years and about 53% use a promo item at least once a week or more often.

• The main reason for keeping a promotional product is usefulness. The highest ranking products based on their usefulness are computer products, health and safety items and writing instruments.

• Sporting / leisure and wearable’s tend to be kept because of their “attractiveness”.

• Top items kept for their contact information are badges, buttons, stickers and electronic devices & computer products.

• Products used most frequently / recently were viewed to be calendars, then computer products and electronic devices & accessories.

The key finding of this research was that:

promotional products are often used in consumer’s daily life, by providing useful promotional products (not only as references for contact info) that can be integrated in consumers life in an organic way, advertisers can increase their reach and potential for creating and maintain brand awareness… “

This consumer research and the huge consumer demand for all things “smart” be they tablets or phones truly does show that promotional marketing / businesses ignore the opportunities thrown up by this area at its peril….

How’s It Hanging?

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So you’ve decided to purchase some balloons for your event.

Printing Onto Promotional Balloons

Printing Onto Promotional Balloons

Quantity required – tick.

Colour required – tick.

Message/image to be printed onto the balloon – tick.

That’s pretty much it isn’t it? Job done surely?

Well – not quite, there’s one very important decision you need to make to be sure the finished product is exactly as you require.

How are you going to ‘hang’ the balloons?

Are you going to hang them neck down, or neck up?

It seems obvious doesn’t it? But when we print promotional balloons for our clients, and ask them this question, so many of them don’t know – and best of all, they wonder why on earth we are asking them such a stupid question. The reason is to make sure that when we print their artwork onto each balloon, we do so the RIGHT WAY UP. We can’t assume that everyone is going to display their printed balloons ‘neck down’.  Balloons will only hang neck down if you fill them with helium, or, put the balloons onto a cup-stick. If we print onto the balloons assuming you will be filling them with helium, and you then inflate them manually, the result is that your message is upside down.

Balloons Printed The Wrong Way

Balloons Printed The Wrong Way

Printed Balloons are a great, FUN, way to promote your business or service offering. Just think about all those wonderful colours – there’s sure to be a few colours that will compliment your brand identity?

My top seven tips for printing onto promotional balloons are:

1: Why not choose a colour or selection of colours that represent your brand identity?

2: If, for example you were ordering 1,000 balloons, why not split your order buy buying 250 Red, 250 Blue, 250 Black and 250 Purple? If you keep your print colour onto all of them the same (white for example) there’ll be no extra charge – but the result will be so much more colourful and impactful.

3: Keep your costs down by only printing in ONE COLOUR onto each balloon.

4: Keep your costs down by only printing in ONE position onto each balloon.

5: Inflating your balloons with helium is fine and dandy, but have you considered the costs? If you’re planning on using them for an outside event in particular, why bother? They wobble and move and crash around almost as much when filled with air?

6:  If you are going to fill them with helium, then ask for ‘Heli-Valves’ to be fitted. They self-seal and come complete with a ribbon – saving you loads of time and effort on the day.

7: Balloons are great for giving away at trade shows, or county fairs – so consider putting a ‘teaser’ message onto them. Visit us on stand 229 for a surprise gift is sure to get noticed and bring more visitors to your stand.

Holding an event and want advice on how best to get your balloons printed? Call any of the team at RT Promotions – we’d love to help.

Promotional Balloons

Promotional Balloons


Printed and Personalised Balloons

Printed and Personalised Balloons

Unusual Ideas For Promotional Gifts – Condoms

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I can think of quite a few businesses that could give away a promotional condom to promote their business – but for the purposes of this blog post I don’t think I’ll venture down that particular avenue!!! The example I’m going to share with you is pretty extraordinary – believe it or not, this article is about a restaurant using a promotional condom as part of their marketing activity. But here’s the point – it worked!!! I got to hear about it after a customer told me all about it – he had kept hold of the promotional gift, and wanted to show it to me, tell me all about it – and in doing so – told me all about the fantastic restaurant he’d been to – effective or what?

The first thing he did was to put the keyring on the bar (yes, my meeting was in a bar, I do get out occasionally). my first view of the keyring is the one you can see in this photo.

Pretty straightforward stuff.

I sell loads of keyrings just like this to all manner of businesses – I couldn’t see what he was so excited about.

Then he turned the keyring over – and there it was, a promotional condom on the back of the keyring.

Now I didn’t quite understand what this was all about, until he filled me in on the ‘backstory’.
In the UK, up until the 60’s, the most popular method of buying a condom was at the barbers (hairdressers). I don’t know why that was, it just was….. but in Thailand, the most popular place to buy your condoms is at the greengrocer, with your fruit and veg – again, I’ve no idea why this should be the case, but this is what I’ve been told. So, the owners of this new Thai Restaurant in Oxfordshire, for reasons best known to themselves, decided to call their restaurant ‘Cabbages and Condoms’.

I’m puzzled and impressed in equal measures.

The business owners have gone and done something that people are talking about – they’re certainly going to be remembered – but is it all for the right reasons?


Supermarket Trolley Token Keyrings – My Top Ten Tips

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Have you noticed how you’ve never got a £1 coin when you need one? It’s always when you’re in a rush, and all you need is a coin, but, despite all that loose change, there’s never a £1 coin when you want one. That’s where this promotional gift comes in. The Trolley Coin Keyring’s ‘coin’ wont work in machines where there’s a real value proposition, they only work in mechanisms where you get the token back: supermarket trolleys, lockers at the gym or health club, etc, and they’re PERFECT for business owners because we’ll personalise the tokens with your artwork and messages. These are very popular promotional gifts right now – so giving them away to folk who are in your target market makes a lot of sense. Read my Top Ten Tips for ‘how’ to make them effective.

Trolley Coin Keyrings

Trolley Coin Keyrings produced by RT Promotions

Keep it simple – Take a long hard look at a pound coin – Now imagine your artwork on one. If your artwork fits, we’ll print it on there for you, but think about it – it is a small print area – maybe this is an example of ‘less is more’?
Trolley Coin Keyrings have a habit of being popular, so be careful, they could hang around for a long time. Make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
In general, the published costs will be for printing onto just one side of the coin, you will pay extra to print onto the reverse. Whilst it’s nice to have two different messages, why not save money and be subtle, have just the one side printed?
Be different. Why not offer a ‘Euro Token’ instead of the more common ‘pound coin’? They cost the same to produce, but will appeal to different markets. Or if one of the more unusual designs works for you, why not consider the ‘House Shaped’ coin holder, or maybe the ‘Euro Coin’ one? Be different!!
If appropriate, make your Trolley Token stand out from the crowd by the clever use of colour. Need to appeal to the female market? Why not go for a bright pink coin?
Don’t forget those little attention to details: Why not upgrade to a gold coloured treatment? Or, consider putting them in a quality gift pouch to hand out.
Why not purchase one with a dual use? For example we can produce one that’s built into a keyring with a bottle opener feature.
Consider using a trackable unique telephone number so you can measure their effectiveness.
Most promotional gifts are aimed at the b2b market – the Trolley Token Keyring crosses the boundaries and also appeals to the b2c market. Think about ‘who’ will be receiving your gift and brand them with the right message for your market.
Purchase more than you think you’ll need. It’ll make the cost per coin cheaper so you won’t mind giving them away!!

If after all that you still need help – contact us here:

How a Promotional Gift Can Help SME’s Make Money from The Major Supermarket Chains

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Most business owners I talk to share the opinion that the big chains do anything but ‘help’ SME’s – in fact, they’d argue they do the exact opposite – they actually ‘hurt’ them – so the idea of actually making money from the big boys has a certain appeal right? But ‘how’ to do it?

Like most things in life, it’s pretty easy – and the best bit as far as I’m concerned is that it involves the use of a promotional gift.

Supermarket £1 Coin Holder

Most supermarkets have started a policy of making the consumers pay for their trolley. It’s always a £1 coin – and is intended to stop folk taking the trolleys off-site. We’ve all seen our fair share of trolleys abandoned in the middle of nowhere, but in some communities this ‘garbage’ has become a very real problem, so simply making you pay for the trolley is a simple way to get you to return it – as upon it’s return, you get your £1 back from the mechanism holding it.

Have you noticed how you’ve never got a £1 coin when you need one? It’s always when you’re in a rush, and all you need is a coin, but, despite all that loose change, there’s never a £1 coin when you want one. That’s where the promotional gift comes in. There’s a keyring with a fake £1 coin attached. The fake £1 coin wont work in machines where there’s a real value proposition, they only work in mechanisms where you get the token back: supermarket trolleys, lockers at the gym or health club, etc, and they’re PERFECT for business owners because we’ll personalise the tokens with your artwork and messages. Now these are very popular promotional gifts right now – so giving them away to folk who are in your target market makes a lot of sense. Think about it. It’s a keyring that’s sure to be kept and used for years to come, and is a constant reminder of your brand and message.

That’s why I say you can make money from the supermarkets. Your customers use them, so giving your customers something to remember you by is sure to bring you business – that’s how really good promotional gifts work – they’re KEPT – they’re USED – and then the next time the user has a need for (whatever it is you do) – it’s your business that’s going to be first off the starting blocks for the enquiry. With prices from as little as 38p – think about the kind of return on investment you’ll get – and all thanks to the big supermarket chains for making your customers keep a £1 coin handy.