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Top Ten Tips For Staff Name Badges

Posted in Promotional Gifts with tags , , , , , , on January 31, 2015 by Richard

Love them or hate them – there’s a time and a place for Staff Name Badges and I guess it boils down to the question – Do you need them?”

For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume that you’ve made the decision – you DO need them – and so I’m simply going to suggest my Top Ten Tips for Staff Names Badges.

Staff Name Badges

Staff Name Badges

1: For ‘public facing’ job roles – the preference these days is to use first names only. It gives a more ‘friendly’ look, but also has security benefits.

2: We recommend using a magnetic fastening badge. They’re really strong and secure and have the added benefit of not piercing/marking your staff’s garments.

3: Purchase badges that can easily be edited/amended. Staff come and go, and once you’ve printed their names in a permanent way, you’ll have a badge that’s of no use to the next member of staff.

4: Use the badge platform to promote your services – we have clients who change their badges each week – and put a different ‘sales message’ onto each one. Imagine the following message on a staff badge in a  garden centre – 10% off in our cafe all week.

5: Staff Name Badges don’t need to say ‘Here to help’ – simply wearing a name badge demonstrates you are indeed, here to help!

6: Choose a badge with a colour that compliments the style/colour of clothing your staff will be wearing.

7: Your branding/logo needs to be seen – but most importantly, make sure the staff names are clearly visible – they are after all ‘staff names badges’!

8: Have some fun with the space under the staff names – put personal messages there. We’ve worked with a cinema chain where each member of staff put ‘my all time favourite film is – (insert name here) – or consider staff name badges being used in a cake shop, – my favourite is Lemon Drizzle. Go on, have some fun, show the human side of your business.

9: Why buy hundreds at a time when you can buy DIY Name Badges with a minimum order quantity of just one?

10:  After countless surveys it’s an established FACT that the best place to position your staff names badge in on the left hand side of your chest.




Name Badges With A Difference

Posted in Conferences, Networking, Promotional Gifts, Trivia, UK with tags , , on October 7, 2011 by Richard

How often do you arrive at an event, particularly if you’re networking, to be handed one of those cheap and cheerful name badges? You know the ones I mean, the ones where you either put your business card inside, or, if they’re really organised they’ve printed off your name and company details. Awful aren’t they?

DIY Name Badge

So why do you put up with them?

Why not take your own badge to events? We offer a range of printed name badges, but my favourite and the one I use is the DIY Name Badge. These are so easy to use, and the best bit is you can keep changing your message or ‘look’ depending on which event you’re attending. The front facia plate slides out, and you simply place your new insert into the backing plate. They even have a magnetic fixing so you don’t have to use those pins or crocodile clips on your nice clothing.

I’ve printed off a range of inserts (see image) which I keep handy in my car, and then, just as I’m about to go into an event, I make the decision on which insert to put into my badge. Is it a ‘serious’ event? If so, I’d better put my formal name badge on, but whenever possible, I try to use one of my cheeky inserts!!! Can you think of a suitable insert for my name badge?

DIY Printed Name Badges

DIY Printed Name Badges

How important is your image?

Posted in Conferences with tags , , , , , , , , , , on March 21, 2008 by Richard

Would you go to a conference without making an effort with your appearance?
Would you not bother with your hair? (if only I had some)…
Clean shoes? Clean shirt/blouse? etc, etc….
So why is it that so many business people I meet, leave it to the organiser to give them a name badge like this?

reusable name badges

A name badge says so much about you (literally), its almost as powerful as your business card, and you wouldn’t leave the design, layout and impactfulness of that to a stranger would you? These cheap little things are disposable badges that you often simply slip your business card into. The trouble with that system is that you usually design your business card to be picked up and read, not to stick onto your lapel and be read from a distance. More often than not, you simply can’t read the persons name in amongst all the other business card clutter. And this is all part of your ‘image’ at this event. Are you sure you want to leave this important element to chance?

There are alternatives, and we regularly work with clients that recognise the importance of a quality and personalised delegate name badge. Continue reading