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Customer Care

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The world or Promotional Gifts is a busy one – full of quotes to clients, or prospective/new clients, looking for a price on all manner of corporate give-aways.

Getting to grips with how much an item is, is influenced by several factors: How many do you want, how many colours do you want me to print onto them, how many positions do you want me to print, and how quickly do you need them? Clients often don’t know the answers, they’re just checking ‘what if’s’, so we do our best, we quote, we check you’ve received the quote, the client asks for a sample, we send a sample, then we check they’ve received the sample, then we re-quote, then we check you’ve received everything, and then – it all goes quiet!!! Nothing – SILENCE.

So finding the right balance – of keeping in touch as opposed to pestering our clients is quite a challenge.

It’s a challenge that we work hard at, and frequently receive compliments about our ‘non pushy’ style – take a look at our ELVIS video, where the RT Promotions team re-worded an Elvis song to show our customers how much we care. You could say – All I needed to know about customer care I learnt from Elvis.


Three Great Give-Aways For A Boat Show

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What’s the best promotional gift for using as a give-away at a boat show?

Hands up how many of you said a ‘floating keyring’?

Floating keyrings are of course useful for anyone involved in boating – but it’s my guess that most of them will already have a floating keyring, so unless your option trumps the one they’ve already got, guess where your give-away is going?

My three suggestions – see below – are designed to make you think outside the box, and if nothing else, bring a smile to the recipients faces. Generally, when it comes to promotional gifts, putting a smile on their faces is half the battle in getting your product KEPT – that’s when the branding on it can kick in and start doing it’s job right?

So what are the three great give-aways for a boat show?

Give-Aways For A Boat Show

Give-Aways For A Boat Show



Number 1 – Bottle opener sunglasses
Everybody loves this idea, and it mixes the key ingredients of boating into one package – sun and relaxation

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Bottle Opener Sunglasses













Number 2 – Magnetic Torch

It’s the middle of the night, you need to use the bathroom, but, turning on all the lights is going to get a load groan from your companions. DON’T stub your toe in the dark – that’ll cause even complaints – simply reach for the handy magnetic torch you were given at that boat show – it’s where you left it, on the door of the fridge.

Magnetic Torch

Magnetic Torch













Number 3 – Bottle Opener/Torch/Keyring
Well now we’re cooking. Combining elements of the other two suggestions – you now have a handy torch, and a bottle opener, all kept nice and handy on that bunch of keys.

Bottle opener and torch keyfob

Bottle opener and torch keyfob













Looking for something inspirational? Well – you can always try my companies website – RT Promotions – we’ve over 4,500 hand picked items on there for you to browse, or feel free to call me or email me at my offices (details are on the website). Some of the very best solutions come to those who take the time to chat, give me an understanding of your business and your potential clients, and let me come up with proposals to make you smile.

Be Different – Go ‘Techie’

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Technology Based Promotional Gifts

Technology Based Promotional Gifts

If you do what you’ve always done – you’ll get what you’ve always got – or words to that effect.

I’m seeing a lot of interest in the luxury end of the promotional gifts market and thought I’d share my thoughts with you.
As the market recovers and the economy starts to move again we are seeing a lot of requests for technology related gifts and ideas for high income clients / VIP’s / top executives ….the sort of people who have “ everything “ as the saying goes!
Where once a “ Mont Blanc “ pen, high end crystal glass set or luxury set of leather luggage was the standard and accepted offering now with the change in consumer trends, customers are looking for more contemporary “must have – lifestyle gifts “ which reflect their daily usage of smart phones and tablets. Areas of particular interest in this area include portable power, audio devices and “pure gadgets”.

Portable power and the ability to stay connected and keep working when travelling is a critical business need and offers huge opportunity for the promotional marketer to keep their brand in view at all times. Power chargers which keep the latest smart phones and tablets connected is where the smart marketer is looking to invest their budget and reward / promote their brand with a key prospects / clients.
My advice when looking for such devices is to always choose better quality and don’t be tempted by devices which look too good to be true for the price – they are often unreliable and can disappoint or at worst damage the device which they were intended to support. Look for those with a 5V / 2.1A output and at least 5000 mAh battery capacity to make your client’s promotional gift “pack a punch” with their target audience.

Other items in hot demand are what could be described as “ pure gadgets “ such as “ pocket “ audio / visual projectors which can be quickly connected to a laptop, tablet or smart phone and provide both an instant entertainment solution and of course business presentation tool. A lot more useful and hence memorable than an executive pen….

Portable audio devices can make a very classy gift and are used widely amongst finance companies, automotive, software, banks and even sports teams to reward those target consumers that have everything or even as staff gifts instead of the traditional Christmas hamper.
These come now in every conceivable shape, size and sound quality, when looking for your client consider those with a min sound output of 4-5W if you want to impress the client.

Other popular ideas / incentives for VIP’s / conference gift include: “Virtual” Bluetooth Laser keyboards, retail branded (SONY / Philips / BOSE etc) high end headphones, Bluetooth luggage alarms, Worldwide USB travel charging hubs and even “Espresso” coffee machines.

Times are changing very fast and so is the taste for top end executive promotional gifts – don’t ignore the role technology has in the mix or your clients may start to shop elsewhere….

How To Select The Right Promo Gift For Your Business

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It’s a common challenge that many business owners face – shall I go for the low-cost giveaway promotional pen, or the classier ones? Shall I go for those nice corporate coffee mugs I’ve been meaning to purchase, or, maybe those printed mousemats – they’re both items I’ve admired, but which will be most ‘effective’ for me right now?

It’s not easy is it? First of all there’s the budget. Every business, no matter how large or small, has a limit to what they can spend, and like it or not, the budget is usually the first thing that will determine ‘which’ promotional gift you ultimately select. Then there’s the ‘occasion’ they’re intended for. For example, purchasing items for a trade show where you may well be giving away hundred, if not thousands, of items to potential customers is quite a different prospect from purchasing corporate gifts for your pre-determined ‘top customers’ list – you know, those folk who are already engaging with you, and you wanted to give them something by way of a gesture, a ‘thank you’….. they’d be very different promotional items wouldn’t they?

So that’s where my business, RT Promotions, comes in. We do this kind of thing, all day and every day, and we know a thing or two about promo gifts. By talking to a promotional gift expert, you’ll be guided and assisted through the veritable minefield of ‘goodies’. Without our help – if you’re not careful, you could find yourself being attracted to all manner of frivolous items, and it’s our job, to keep you focussed.

We tend to do that by asking you a series of questions. So, aside from the glaringly obvious – what’s your budget, how many items do you need, when do you need them for, and most importantly – how many colours do you want us to print onto the item….. we ask you to keep reminding yourself of the following three questions:

  1. WHO – As in who are you giving them to? Some folk have a sense of humour, others don’t. Some folk will have certain expectations, whilst others will be grateful for anything!! The ‘who’ can make a big difference to how we select the best solution.
  2. HOW – Are you planning to post your promotional gifts? If you are, then the size and weight of the product will be an important factor, not to mention it’s fragility.
  3. FEEL – What do you want the recipient to ‘feel’ when they receive your corporate gift? We can show you things that’ll make them say ‘WOW’, but of course, that’ll often come at a price.

Talk to an expert – there’s nothing better than the feeling we get by helping a client make the right choice for their business.

Clever Artwork Makes All The Difference

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Working with promotional gift ideas all day, I get to see all manner of artwork that my clients want printed onto their promotional items. To be fair, on eight out of ten products there’s not lots of room to do much more than add your logo, then maybe a phone number, web address, that kind of thing, and if you’re really lucky, maybe adding a strapline or an interesting ‘call to action’. My point is, when you do have an opportunity to print something more than this, all too often clients don’t – they simply ask for items to be personalised pretty much like I’ve already explained.

Working with a specialist graphic designer can make a massive difference to ‘how’ the finished promotional product will look. Clever, quality artwork will transform a standard gift into something special. Take a look at this example:

It started off life as a ‘tube’, but by the clever use of appropriate artwork, it now looks like a tube of Pringles. Now that’s a USB Memory Stick that once given, you’d simply not let out of your hands – nice.

Clever artwork will turn a standard/ordinary promotional gift into something special.

Printed and Personalised USB Flash Drives

Printed and Personalised USB Flash Drives

My Top Ten Tips for Promotional Bags

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Top Ten Tips for Promotional Bags

Promotional bags have been a top-selling promotional gift idea for years and its not hard to understand why that is.

Getting your logo or message onto the right bag, in the right way, is a sure fire way to ensure your message is seen and remembered for years.

My business, RT Promotions, supplies thousands of bags to our clients every year, so we see good ideas, as well as the not so good ideas, and I thought it might be a good idea to share some of our top tips with you.



  1. Spend time selecting the right bag, for the right event, for the right market. A large Tote bag may be perfect if you are going to a trade show, but may not be appropriate if you are running a series of seminars.
  2. Carrier bags – are a simple, effective solution, but you need to be looking for minimum quantities of c5,000 bags to make them cost effective.
  3. If appropriate, make your bag stand out from the crowd by the clever use of colour. Need to appeal to the female market? Why not go for a bright pink bag?
  4. Not all bags have large print areas. If you absolutely must have a large scale print, then make sure the bag you are looking at will allow for this.
  5. Remember, on most bags you’ll be paying for every single colour we print, as well as for every single position we print onto. Sometimes, contrary to point number 2, less is more!!!
  6. Going to a trade show and want your bag to be the one that everyone else puts their bag into? You’d better make sure you get the biggest bag possible then.
  7. Printed Bags can last a long time. We regularly see examples, still in use, that are more than ten years old, so make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
  8. Whilst most bags are simply printed onto to personalise them, we have plenty of choices where your logo or message can be embroidered onto the bag, and in some cases, even woven into the fabric. Classy!!!
  9. Think about ‘how’ your bags will be used after your event. Will they be an everyday-use bag, or a meeting bag, or maybe a bag to be kept in the boot of the car for emergencies?
  10. Purchase more than you think you’ll need. It’ll make the cost per bag cheaper so you won’t mind giving them away!!

Customers Care

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I had to smile at the interaction with one of our clients the other day. We’d sent them a sample of an unusual Promotional USB Memory Stick, it’s part of a range that are kind of like ‘lego men characters’, and we sell loads of them. The one they liked was a ‘businessman‘ one. We realise that  getting your hands on a sample can make all the difference in giving a project a green light, so as long as they are returned to us in mint condition, we’re happy to oblige.

Well, we won the order, and the client sent us a photo of the little man, stood on their windowsill, saying ‘goodbye’. You just had to smile!!! I LOVE working with clients like this…. REAL engagement stuff eh?

So, they posted the sample back to us, and we just HAD to continue the fun. We did a simple mock-up of the businessman, laying on a bed (business card mints), with other USB Characters (designed to look like doctors and nurses etc) checking him out!!!

Our USB Man receives a medical check-up
Our USB Man receives a medical check-up

So for all the talk of ‘customer care’, I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Customers Care’.