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Three Great Give-Aways For A Boat Show

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What’s the best promotional gift for using as a give-away at a boat show?

Hands up how many of you said a ‘floating keyring’?

Floating keyrings are of course useful for anyone involved in boating – but it’s my guess that most of them will already have a floating keyring, so unless your option trumps the one they’ve already got, guess where your give-away is going?

My three suggestions – see below – are designed to make you think outside the box, and if nothing else, bring a smile to the recipients faces. Generally, when it comes to promotional gifts, putting a smile on their faces is half the battle in getting your product KEPT – that’s when the branding on it can kick in and start doing it’s job right?

So what are the three great give-aways for a boat show?

Give-Aways For A Boat Show

Give-Aways For A Boat Show



Number 1 – Bottle opener sunglasses
Everybody loves this idea, and it mixes the key ingredients of boating into one package – sun and relaxation

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Bottle Opener Sunglasses













Number 2 – Magnetic Torch

It’s the middle of the night, you need to use the bathroom, but, turning on all the lights is going to get a load groan from your companions. DON’T stub your toe in the dark – that’ll cause even complaints – simply reach for the handy magnetic torch you were given at that boat show – it’s where you left it, on the door of the fridge.

Magnetic Torch

Magnetic Torch













Number 3 – Bottle Opener/Torch/Keyring
Well now we’re cooking. Combining elements of the other two suggestions – you now have a handy torch, and a bottle opener, all kept nice and handy on that bunch of keys.

Bottle opener and torch keyfob

Bottle opener and torch keyfob













Looking for something inspirational? Well – you can always try my companies website – RT Promotions – we’ve over 4,500 hand picked items on there for you to browse, or feel free to call me or email me at my offices (details are on the website). Some of the very best solutions come to those who take the time to chat, give me an understanding of your business and your potential clients, and let me come up with proposals to make you smile.


My Top Ten Tips for Promotional Bags

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Top Ten Tips for Promotional Bags

Promotional bags have been a top-selling promotional gift idea for years and its not hard to understand why that is.

Getting your logo or message onto the right bag, in the right way, is a sure fire way to ensure your message is seen and remembered for years.

My business, RT Promotions, supplies thousands of bags to our clients every year, so we see good ideas, as well as the not so good ideas, and I thought it might be a good idea to share some of our top tips with you.



  1. Spend time selecting the right bag, for the right event, for the right market. A large Tote bag may be perfect if you are going to a trade show, but may not be appropriate if you are running a series of seminars.
  2. Carrier bags – are a simple, effective solution, but you need to be looking for minimum quantities of c5,000 bags to make them cost effective.
  3. If appropriate, make your bag stand out from the crowd by the clever use of colour. Need to appeal to the female market? Why not go for a bright pink bag?
  4. Not all bags have large print areas. If you absolutely must have a large scale print, then make sure the bag you are looking at will allow for this.
  5. Remember, on most bags you’ll be paying for every single colour we print, as well as for every single position we print onto. Sometimes, contrary to point number 2, less is more!!!
  6. Going to a trade show and want your bag to be the one that everyone else puts their bag into? You’d better make sure you get the biggest bag possible then.
  7. Printed Bags can last a long time. We regularly see examples, still in use, that are more than ten years old, so make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
  8. Whilst most bags are simply printed onto to personalise them, we have plenty of choices where your logo or message can be embroidered onto the bag, and in some cases, even woven into the fabric. Classy!!!
  9. Think about ‘how’ your bags will be used after your event. Will they be an everyday-use bag, or a meeting bag, or maybe a bag to be kept in the boot of the car for emergencies?
  10. Purchase more than you think you’ll need. It’ll make the cost per bag cheaper so you won’t mind giving them away!!


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Forming an opinion

Forming an opinion

I LOVE hearing other peoples opinions. They are the gravy that mixes amongst the thoughts flowing through my brain. I still need to form my own judgement of course, but the better, and more diverse the opinions, then the more likely I will be to be able to make the right decision, after all, ‘opinions are like belly buttons – everybody has one’. There’s a much ruder version of that, but we wont go there will we!!

The Promotional Fork Pen

The Promotional Fork Pen

In a previous post, I was explaining how I was in need of a strapline to go onto a promotional giveaway, a ‘fork pen’ that my business, RT Promotions, was going to use for a Hotel and Catering show we were exhibiting at. I sought opinions from some local business owners, and its funny isn’t it? If you ask, you will receive and I was astonished at thye high quality of responses I received. It was quite a challenge to form an opinion on which was the best one to use on the pen. Remember, we are trying to get potential customers to REMEMBER us, we are using the ‘memory hook’ technique that I’m forever telling you about. Getting potential customers to remember you is half the battle, its not about SELLING to everyone you meet. Anyway, here is an edited list of the final selection:

1. If you’re forking out on promotions, make sure it cuts the mustard!
2. Tricky promotional problem? RT Promotions eats them for breakfast.
3. Memory hook marketing that your customers will dine out on!
4. Lunch is for wimps but RT Promotions is forever!
5. Don’t make a meal of it – RT will deal with it!
6. Just a stab in the dark, but do you want your promotions to be more effective?
7. RT Promotions – better than a poke in the eye, or anywhere else for that matter.

Good aren’t they?
OK, I wont tease you too much longer…. I chose one from the list I’ve shown you, but which one would YOU have gone for?

Pull Youself Up, Dust Yourself Down, And Start All Over Again

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Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow is another day

But hope, as Mr Obama intimated, will not get us through a recession. If we are to prosper (yes, prosper!), we need hard work and practical measures to keep ourselves at the forefront of our shrinking market places.
Conventional wisdom says you should promote in a recession, but we all know how hard this can be when money is tight. In any case, how can we get the results we want and is it wise to try, when the future seems so uncertain?
I know I am not alone when I get furiously frustrated at media moroseness. Unbelievably BBC Five Live the other morning was doing a ‘countdown’ until the official announcement that we are officially in recession and had a group of ‘experts’ who would offer advice as to how we can ‘save ourselves in the UK’s worst ever slump’. The R word was mentioned no less than 15 times in a 10 minute journey!!!
My business RT Promotions, may not have all the answers, but we CAN  help. Promotional merchandise and corporate gifts are the only form of advertising that lets you choose to whom you promote yourself. Used wisely you can reduce marketing spend, without reducing effectiveness. Here are our thoughts:
Keep Positive
No one (bar the media) wants to hear how hard it is. Make sure your clients are hearing every bit of good news – the new products, the contract successes, the special offers, the good news stories, how you are still investing in your business. Keep any bad news to yourself.
Keep yourself visible
In a shrinking market, everyone is chasing the reduced amount of business available. If you drop below the radar, as sure as eggs are eggs, others will take your place.
The 80/20 rule
Make sure you look after your very best customers who give you the majority of your business. Even if they stop spending now, they will be back at some point and you want to be in their minds when they do.
Target new customers
We all need new customers. Marketing techniques are often like a blunderbuss – adverts, mail outs, exhibitions, websites etc – that are only targeted in a limited way, and where much of your money is spent on communicating with people who simply aren’t listening. By identifying who we really want as customers we can begin to promote ourselves to them on a one-to-one basis. It is cheaper, it is effective and it delivers results more quickly.
If you are doing what you have always done and your sales are falling, change what you are doing! By thinking about individuals we want to deal with, we can begin to be far more creative in our approaches and elevate ourselves into their consciousness.
Choose quality over volume
When all your competitors are trying to save their pennies and promote on the cheap, go the other way – not necessarily by spending more, but by spending selectively on a smaller quantity of the right things. Even at the best of times, businesses want to know that the suppliers they deal with are solid and reliable, but, in times like these, the confidence and robustness of your presentation will be even more important. Whatever the quality of your offering, you will be making a statement about yourself …… but is it the right one?

2009 will more than ever be about doing things right and doing them well.

Getting noticed at a trade show

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We have been working with a company these past few days who are launching a new magazine at an upcoming Trade Show. The magazine will, I’m sure, speak for itself. The challenge they have is in getting people to pop by their exhibition stand and get people to pick one up.

There’s countless ways we could have approached this, but we ultimately suggested ‘carrier bags’. At a trade show, everybody loves carrier bags. You need them to snap up all those goodies that are being handed out, as well as for the multitude of sales brochures you’ll doubtless be handed. You can never have enough personalised carrier bags!!!

Personalised carrier bags

The trick however, isn’t the ‘bag’…. as with so many imprinted items, it’s not the item, but it’s the branding you put on it. I’m delighted to announce that our client has gone with an amazingly powerful image to go onto the bags. (It’s not the one illustrated as its not public yet, but you get the idea)

Carrier bags are mobile billboards for your brand, and in this particular example ticks off all of the relevent boxes: who, what, when, where, how and why. If we had only had more time, a step further would have been to co-ordinate this promotional activity with the organisers of the show and to have had the bags handed out to every visitor at the registration desk. Although, in some ways, maybe this will work better for my client? My vision is that the image is so compelling, I’m hoping that visitors will ask anyone walking around with the bag where they got it from…. “Excuse me, which exhibitor did you get that from?”….. Memory Hook Marketing anyone?