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Customer Care

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The world or Promotional Gifts is a busy one – full of quotes to clients, or prospective/new clients, looking for a price on all manner of corporate give-aways.

Getting to grips with how much an item is, is influenced by several factors: How many do you want, how many colours do you want me to print onto them, how many positions do you want me to print, and how quickly do you need them? Clients often don’t know the answers, they’re just checking ‘what if’s’, so we do our best, we quote, we check you’ve received the quote, the client asks for a sample, we send a sample, then we check they’ve received the sample, then we re-quote, then we check you’ve received everything, and then – it all goes quiet!!! Nothing – SILENCE.

So finding the right balance – of keeping in touch as opposed to pestering our clients is quite a challenge.

It’s a challenge that we work hard at, and frequently receive compliments about our ‘non pushy’ style – take a look at our ELVIS video, where the RT Promotions team re-worded an Elvis song to show our customers how much we care. You could say – All I needed to know about customer care I learnt from Elvis.


Loud or Subtle for your Promo Gift?

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I sometimes call this the ‘WoW’ factor. I love the effect that certain promotional gifts have on people, with some, literally gasping!! Now there’s a time and a place for a ‘gasp’ right? Sometimes it’ll be a good thing…..

Stress Wobblers

A Promo Gift With A Built-In Smile

That’s the thing with Promotional Gifts. Knowing when to go for the curtain raising, ‘Wow’ item, and when to play it subtle, and by ‘subtle’ I really mean subtle. I have worked with clients where the branding message is almost invisible, which in itself is a really clever message. You’re making a huge statement in fact, by giving a gift that’s barely branded only you and the client are in on the secret message. That’s up close and personal, and in it’s way, perhaps more powerful than the initial impact you get with a ‘WoW’ gift.

I often say to clients when they are choosing a gift, “think about what effect you want to have when your client receives this”. There’s a time an a place for ‘WoW’!!

A Promotional Pen That’s Mightier Than An Advertising Hoarding

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How can that be?, I hear you ask, well that’s because IT IS an advertising hoarding!!! This unique promotional pen has a pull-out banner, with all-over print, giving you a massive amount of space to put your sales message across yet its still a pen.

Massive print area on the mini pull-out banner

With a massive 68 x 200mm full colour print area onto the mini pull-out banner, these Banner Ballpens give you loads of options for selling and promoting your message.

Perhaps the weakest point of a normal ballpen is the limitation on how much you can print onto the barrel or clip, generally, not a lot, so here at RT Promotions we’re finding this promotional ballpen is going down a storm with clients that need to get a lot of print in front of their customers. The mini banner is spring loaded, and pulls out to reveal an advertising hoarding. When released it pulls back into the pen, allowing the pen to be used in its intended function.

Perhaps the best thing about this pen is that its a ‘water cooler’ pen. You’ll find yourself playing with it, talking about it, and showing it to your colleagues, now that’s what I call Memory Hook Marketing!!

Promotional Pens have been a top-selling line for years, topping all of the lists I’ve ever seen for ‘the most effective promotional gift’, and its been successful for a reason… we all have a stash of them, so a printed promotional pen is a really simple way to put your name, your logo, your contact details, etc, into your customers hands. It’s a commonly held belief that the average promotional pen exchanges hands five times in its lifetime. In other words, your promotional pen, with your printed message on it, will be owned, held and used by five different owners…. I’d guess this has an impact on its effectiveness wouldn’t you??

ECO Friendly Battery Charger

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Do you ever find yourself running out of power on one of your mobile devices, and with no mains power to hand to do a charge up?

Well maybe this neat little device is the sort of thing you need to have.

Solar Energy Charger

Solar Energy Charger

With a sleek, techie design, this rather nice Solar Energy Charger harvests the energy from the sun, and then charges up your mobile device. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you can get some solar energy, you can keep the power going. If you think this is a smart idea, consider the power of using something like this as a promotional gift. Not only is it a desirable object, but it carries with it some serious ECO Friendly status, that maybe you can link to your corporate or company message.

Perhaps you run a company that could use any of the following messages to link yourself to a product like this:

“We have the power and the solution”
“There for you, whenever you need us”
“Helping the planet, helping our clients”

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

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Statements about corporate responsibility are all the rage aren’t they? They’re a little bit like the ‘mission statements’ of the 80’s, they look good on paper and allow the ‘suits’ to say they’ve signed it off, but it often stops there, just a statement, no action.

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

In a world where being seen to ‘do’ something is half the battle, physically ‘wearing’ your statement is pretty powerful stuff right? My business, RT Promotions, apart from branding and personalising all the usual promotional give-aways (and yes, we do lots of ECO Friendly promotional gifts), have become known as specialists in embroidered and branded corporate wear (logo’d shirts). We have noticed a massive upsurge in the demand and supply of ECO Friendly clothing, and the savvy companies we work with have started to use this style of clothing wherever possible.

When buying ECO Friendly clothing, look to see if its accredited. We insist on our organic cotton that’s grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and defoilants. We try to use ‘Skal’ as they are the main internationally recognised certifier of organic cotton.

My personal corporate wear is always branded, and it works, people notice it and as a result, remember me and my business. That’s what I call ‘memory hook marketing’ the power of subliminally helping people to remember you and your business, so when the time is right for them to do business with you, they won’t have any trouble remembering you!!

Imagine the power of you and your staff wearing eco friendly clothing?


Tell Your Customers How ECO Friendly Your Business Is

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Are you telling your clients how ECO Friendly your business is?
I don’t necesarily mean that in a literal sense, you’d probably start to get on their nerves if you harped on about your environmental values all the time, what I mean is, are you adding a soft-touch message to everything you do, and specifically, your use of promotional products where there are massive opportunities for you to subtly raise awareness of your policies.

Recycled Promotional Pencils

Recycled Promotional Pencils

ECO Friendly promotional giveaways and gifts are the fastest growth area of the promotional gift market here in the UK, and YOUR business should consider ‘why’ that is happening. The reason my clients, here at RT Promotions, are purchasing more and more recycled or ECO friendly branded items is simple. They are going to buy a promotional item anyway, so why not purchase one that carries an additional, subtle message?

Showing your potential customers that you care about these environmental issues doesn’t have to be difficult. Some of my clients are now using pencils instead of pens, and where possible, going for recycled pencils like this one.  Don’t forget to TELL people what you are doing, perhaps with a message on the pencil that says “I was made from 4.5 recycled vending machine cups“. You’re going to promote yourself in any case, so why not do it with a powerful message that will appeal to an increasing number of your prospects?

Recycling v Energy Use

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Recycled Promotional Products

Recycled Promotional Products

The promotional gifts market has seen a massive increase in demand for recycled and ECO friendly products for businesses to use to promote their business. The demand has caused a response from the manufacturers who battle to meet the challenge, and try to inspire by developing ever-original and creative products. This in turn leads to a healthy question and answer debate regarding just ‘how’ eco friendly each product is.

One that my business, RT Promotions, is sometimes asked is, “don’t recycled products require more energy to produce than standard products?”. It’s a good question, let me try and answer it.

In many cases, there is no more energy required at all. A key point here however, is that in my opinion, where there is more energy used, we simply need to stick with it, and as demand increases, so production techniques will improve, and one result ofthat is proven to be a reduction in energy. A great example of this is with recycled paper. In the early days (late 60’s and 70’s), the production of recycled paper was far more energy intensive than for the production of new (virgin) paper. Had the industry not stuck with it and improved the production techniques, we’d not be where we are today where recycled and virgin paper production is equally efficient.

In brief, the short-term pain has created a long-term gain.