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Corporate Fleeces

Posted in Opinions & Comments, UK with tags , , , , , , on February 28, 2009 by Richard

Writing that title made me think of the cartoon where the cat says “I hate those meeces to pieces”. Was it Tom and Gerry, or Mr Jinx, from Pixie and Dixie?

Anyway… FLEECES…. that was the reason for me doing this note.

Are fleeces cool?

Are fleeces cool?

My business, RT promotions, sells loads of branded and corporate workwear to businesses, and ‘fleeces’ are an important part of the clothing portfolio, loads of people buy them. So I was particularly interested in this  recent article I found on the BBC that took a look at the Fleece as a design icon, in fact it asked if a Fleece could ever be fashionable?

One of my favourite quotes in the article is that a fleece ‘never has to look good’. I kind of know what they mean. Somehow, almost despite itself, the fleece works doesn’t it?