The Gifts

My business is about helping business owners to effectively use ‘promotional or imprinted gifts’. “Well that’s easy” I hear you say, you simply stick your message and/or logo onto a coffee mug, pen, mousemat or whatever, and give the item away!!!
Isn’t that how businesses use Promotional Gifts?

Well ‘no’, it isn’t. There’s quite a few tricks you can learn, and apply to your own personal use of these things. I run a business called RT Promotions, and this is the sort of thing we do all day and every day, so we know a few things about making your promotional giveaway effective, and will share them with you.

I plan to add lists of promotional and imprinted gifts, so that if you are thinking of purchasing a particular item, you can check it out for tips and advice on exactly ‘how’ to use these items to their best effect for your business:

4 Responses to “The Gifts”

  1. My 12 year old daughter done a google search for cool memory sticks. The needle one came up and she loves it. Can I buy this? if so, Where can I get it from? This has to be one of the best memory sticks I have ever seen, the idea behind it is amazing so well done to the person who thought this up. Many thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Thank you Lee….
    Promotional gifts are usually used by businesses, and the one thing they need to do is STAND OUT. So if they use a gift that inspires you and your daughter to take action and email me…. it must be hitting the buttons right?

    Unfortunately, these things aren’t on sale as single items.
    They are sold in units of 50, and will be branded with the businesses logo.

    If you contact me on my private email (visit my website, the links are on the home page), I may be able to help you. Are you in the UK?

  3. Thanks for sharing the information on gifts. I love give and taking gifts. It makes me happy. Nice blog. Cheers and Happy Blogging 🙂

  4. Hi, really like to purchase some of the pullout ball pens for a programme we are running for young people, can we purchase from you? Can you give details of prices? Wasn’t really clear from web-site if they are for sale or not! Thanks Sally

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