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How We Helped A Hollywood Blockbuster Movie

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Mmmm – well OK – maybe it wasn’t a ‘blockbuster’, and maybe having been shot entirely on location in the UK it wasn’t ‘Hollywood’, but with an estimated budget of £11m, it certainly wasn’t small change either.

Film crew party needs promotional gifts

Film crew party needs promotional gifts












It’s not every day we get a call from a film crew production team – so it certainly grabbed our attention when this call came through.

The first ‘St Trinians’ film was a storming success, so it was only a matter of time before filming began on the follow-up – ‘St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold‘. Filmed on location in England, my company, RT Promotions received the call for help for creating a goody bag for the ‘wrap’ party…..

At the end of every film shoot, there’s a bit of a bash to celebrate the end of all the hard work (of course, there’s the small matter of all the post production work still to be done), and that’s where we were able to help.

The film was fast approaching the end of filming and our challenge, was to come up with a range of promotional gifts that would be put into goody bags for the actors and crew.

Working to a budget (nowhere near the estimated £11m it took to produce), we put together an entertaining collection of ‘goodies’, all in keeping with the schoolgirl humour.

One of the items is shown here. It’s a fridge magnet, that’s designed to break apart into lots of separate magnets…. so your fridge becomes covered in lots of words, which, in true schoolgirl fashion, can be reconstructed into naughty or suggestive phrases.

It all went exceedingly well – so Hollywood, here we come!!!

Promotional Fridge Magnet Word Game

Promotional Fridge Magnet Word Game


Winner Of Photo Caption Contest

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It’s been our most successful competition ever!! Depending on exactly ‘how’ you measure success of course…. no seriously, we have had our biggest ever response, across a range of media, and the winner (identified by an independent panel of judges), is a Mr David Mattocks, of Sunbelt Business Brokers, with his suggestion:

“Oh no! I ordered a Big Mac with fries… looks like I’ve got a fried mack with big eyes!”

Initially, we launched the competition via our RT Promotions newsletter, and many folk responded directly to the newsletter; then we placed the newsletter onto our in-house blog, and had 17 responses onto the blog. We also received direct emails into the company, as well as some traffic on Twitter. Social media eh?

So, well done David… you won against some stiff competition, (and some unprintable stuff too).