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Trump Knows A Thing Or Two About getting His Message Heard

Posted in Memory Hook Ideas, Opinions & Comments on January 30, 2017 by Richard

Love him or loath him, but you have to admit that Trump knows a thing or two about getting his message heard, and his primary vehicle seems to be the social media platform Twitter. Twitter – the ‘marmite’ of all the social media platforms, has come of age. Often decried for only giving you 140 characters to put your message across, Twitter is the medium of choice for the president of the USA. His choice – his words – and he’s certainly causing a stir in the global news with his messages.

Getting Your Message Heard The Trump Way

Getting Your Message Heard The Trump Way

But what can we learn from this, and why is it that some businesses use social media, and others don’t? This is a question that applies to both sides of the marketplace – b2b and b2c. Some businesses embrace the medium, whereas others don’t. Given that ALL businesses need to ‘reach’ and be heard by their respective markets, one has to assume that for those of you who aren’t, you must have impressive (alternative) solutions? Perhaps you have a telemarketing team? Physical samples being mailed out? Maybe a warehouse full of brochures that you regularly mail? Then of course there’s the trade shows, e-shots and maybe even an account manager or two at your disposal?

To be a success in any market, you have to stay engaged with your client base, staying in touch and keeping them informed, but with such a huge market to reach, how do you give your ‘message’ the best possible chance of reaching the maximum number of clients? These ‘touches’ are often referred to as ‘touchpoints’. According to Wikipedia, a touchpoint can be defined as: any way a consumer can interact with a business, whether it be person-to-person, through a website, an app or any form of communication. When consumers come in contact with these touchpoints it gives them the opportunity to compare their prior perceptions of the business and form an opinion thus influencing the decision-making process. Touchpoints are ways for a brand to reach out to its’ target market.

It’s a widely held belief in marketing circles that it takes SEVEN touch points before a prospect will engage with you. So, if all you do is an annual mail-out of your company brochure, then sit back and wait, it’ll take seven years!!! Seriously, this is where social media can truly come into play, so, should you commence social media-ing?

It’s all about TWO things:
1: Is your audience there?
2: Will you commit to doing it?

Is your audience there?
We all know there’s millions of people on social media, so doesn’t that confirm your audience is there? Well, yes and no. It’s all in the ‘your’ word I guess. If you consider all of the various social media platforms that are trending right now, they all have a different audience composition. Some are fun, some serious, some appeal to a younger market, some older, some are visual, some are wordy, etc etc. 1st things first, assess/analyse your own business and identify your perfect audience. Then do your research of the various social media platforms. You don’t need to be on all of them, just those that are right for your business.

Will you commit to doing it?
Let me be clear – social media isn’t easy. I think of social media as the Ikea of available options. You go to the store as it seems to be a one-stop-shop for solutions. It’s cheap. But, you have to wheel the monstrously heavy item to the till, then to your car (how will it fit), get it home and up the stairs, then you have to follow weird instructions to construct it. If you’re lucky you build it properly 1st time!! Maybe it wasn’t as cheap as you thought. Social Media can feel like this. It will take time and effort and will almost certainly fail if dabbled with.

“The reason social media is so difficult for most companies is that it’s a process, NOT an event” – Seth Godin

I’ve seen plenty of social media profiles where businesses have put their logo up, a few words about their business, and then posted a few things. Then the trail goes cold. NOTHING shouts out louder that yours is a company totally NOT interested in social media than this kind of half-hearted attempt. So, please, please, please – assess this before you leap in.

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Effective Tips For Twitter

Posted in Memory Hook Ideas with tags , on July 25, 2015 by Richard
How to be effective on Twitter

How to be effective on Twitter







Making your efforts effective on Twitter can often be as simple as applying a few simple techniques, here’s my Top Ten Tips for making your efforts on Twitter more effective:

Tip 1
A good bio sells – but a brilliant bio is even better.
Talking about yourself is never easy – but completing it in just 160 characters is even harder.
Include keywords your followers or potential followers may be trying to find.
Spend time getting this right and it will give pay-back

Tip 2
Don’t be entirely self-promotional. Mix up your content.

Tip 3
Use images to support your post – images are proven to stimulate interest

Tip 4
Engage with your followers – Tweet questions to encourage interaction with your followers.

Tip 5
Starting a Tweet with an ‘@’ followed by a Twitter user name means it will only be seen by them.
If you want to reference another user, put some content in front.

Tip 6
Twitter is a two-way conversation – Tweet questions to encourage your followers to interact with you.

Tip 7
Add hashtags (#) to your tweets. For example, if your tweet is about computers, consider adding #computer in the tweet.

Tip 8

If you’re lucky enough to get your followers to do a re-tweet (RT) – say thank you!!

Tip 9
Twitter lists are an excellent method of filtering filter through the people you follow
Create your own lists, but also subscribe to other folks

Tip 10
Keep some space available in your tweet in case someone retweets (RT) your post.
I recommend keeping it to 120 characters max

Top Promo Gift For 2015

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I get asked this question all the time, and this year (2015) – it’s easy……..

When asked, “what promotional product will be this years big seller” it can often be a challenge. So much depends on ‘who’ you are trying to reach – having a great promo gift is all very well, but you need to have the right tool for the right market and all too often, there simply isn’t just one product to meet all the various needs.

However, here I am at the beginning of 2015, and it’s an easy question for me to answer.

There’s no doubt that ‘Power Banks’ are the promo gift of choice right now, and boy, there’s loads of choice (often a good indicator of the next big thing). But out of all the products available in this sector, the one that stands out for me is this one:

Promotional Power Bank

Promotional Power Bank

It’s such a smart product I could ramble on for hours.

As with so many promotional gifts – the thing that made the difference was when I got my hands on one. This is a product that ooozed quality. Power Banks are designed to act as an additional/back up power source for your mobile devices. On the train and running out of power on your phone? Simply plug-in a Power Bank and your phone’s battery gets a full charge. The difference with this particular device is that it will often have the grunt to be able to do that not once, but several times over. In fact, it’s even got two USB ports to give you the facility to charge TWO devices at the same time. Finally, there’s the logo area, where we don’t simply ‘print’ your logo – we laser engrave it giving you an amazing, striking feature – your logo will now light-up when the device is activated. It’s so coooooool – yes, I LOVE it.







How To Select The Right Promo Gift For Your Business

Posted in Memory Hook Ideas, Opinions & Comments, Promotional Gifts, Trade Shows with tags , , , , , on October 30, 2013 by Richard

It’s a common challenge that many business owners face – shall I go for the low-cost giveaway promotional pen, or the classier ones? Shall I go for those nice corporate coffee mugs I’ve been meaning to purchase, or, maybe those printed mousemats – they’re both items I’ve admired, but which will be most ‘effective’ for me right now?

It’s not easy is it? First of all there’s the budget. Every business, no matter how large or small, has a limit to what they can spend, and like it or not, the budget is usually the first thing that will determine ‘which’ promotional gift you ultimately select. Then there’s the ‘occasion’ they’re intended for. For example, purchasing items for a trade show where you may well be giving away hundred, if not thousands, of items to potential customers is quite a different prospect from purchasing corporate gifts for your pre-determined ‘top customers’ list – you know, those folk who are already engaging with you, and you wanted to give them something by way of a gesture, a ‘thank you’….. they’d be very different promotional items wouldn’t they?

So that’s where my business, RT Promotions, comes in. We do this kind of thing, all day and every day, and we know a thing or two about promo gifts. By talking to a promotional gift expert, you’ll be guided and assisted through the veritable minefield of ‘goodies’. Without our help – if you’re not careful, you could find yourself being attracted to all manner of frivolous items, and it’s our job, to keep you focussed.

We tend to do that by asking you a series of questions. So, aside from the glaringly obvious – what’s your budget, how many items do you need, when do you need them for, and most importantly – how many colours do you want us to print onto the item….. we ask you to keep reminding yourself of the following three questions:

  1. WHO – As in who are you giving them to? Some folk have a sense of humour, others don’t. Some folk will have certain expectations, whilst others will be grateful for anything!! The ‘who’ can make a big difference to how we select the best solution.
  2. HOW – Are you planning to post your promotional gifts? If you are, then the size and weight of the product will be an important factor, not to mention it’s fragility.
  3. FEEL – What do you want the recipient to ‘feel’ when they receive your corporate gift? We can show you things that’ll make them say ‘WOW’, but of course, that’ll often come at a price.

Talk to an expert – there’s nothing better than the feeling we get by helping a client make the right choice for their business.

Keyrings – A Cunning Plan

Posted in Memory Hook Ideas, Promotional Gifts with tags , , , , on May 31, 2013 by Richard

Working in the world of corporate gifts, I have to ‘walk the walk’ – it’s no good me telling clients that they need to use a branded gift to promote their businesses and then I don’t do the same thing for my own business. So, I need to ensure that my business has a steady supply of corporate gifts, one’s that we use as give-aways to our potential clients as well as giving them to customers when appropriate.

My brand new keyrings arrived yesterday, and I love em!! They’re the trolley token keyrings I’m always raving about. We already sell loads of them to our clients, they’re one of our Best Sellers, so I thought it would make a great give-away for our own use. My one’s already been placed on my bunch of keys, and that’s when it hit me, an idea for a cunning plan.

I see them as a business card, fixed to my key fob, that I can simply hand out to prospective clients whenever an unexpected opportunity arises. I’ve lost count of the number of times an opportunity comes my when, when I least expect it. I often have a business card or two in my wallet, but an even better way is to simply hand over my Trolley Token Keyring – “here you go, this is my business card – why not give me a call”?

Printed and Personalised Key Fobs

Printed and Personalised Key Fobs


The Power Behind the ‘Colours’ In Your Brand

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Ever noticed how folk are drawn to colours? Take your own feelings for example – there’s sure to be a colour palette that somehow ‘attracts’ you. Now take a moment to consider how those attractions could work to your benefit when it comes to your company branding…….

Working in the wonderful (and colourful) world of promotional gifts – I get to see real-life examples of how colour can play an important part in making promotional gifts effective. The number one thing you usually want your promotional give-away to do, is to be KEPT. The last thing you want is for it to be discarded, shoved into the bottom/junk drawer or given to the kids – you want it to be a ‘keeper’ – used by the recipient it will act as a constant reminder of your brand, message or service – like a little timebomb, ticking away and waiting to go off when the owner finally makes a decision to do something related to your business or service, and then EUREKA – thinks about contacting YOU.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, promotional pens……

The colourful world of promotional pens

The colourful world of promotional pens.

Whenever I have visitors to my company showroom facility, I used to give them a choice of pen to take away with them. Naturally, the pens were all branded with my company brand/logo and contact information (I think of them as my company business cards), and here’s the thing, they were all exactly the same, apart from one thing – they were arranged in a selection of colours: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, and Black, – the same pens, all printed and branded the same way, just with a different coloured base unit. And I discovered something almost primeval – I found that I was constantly topping up my display pen pots of Red, Blue Purple and Black, but hardly ever topping up the orange and green pots. Then I started to pay closer attention to ‘who’ was taking which colour pen. I found that women were drawn to the purple ones (often with little gasps of ‘Oh, what a lovely colour’), followed by the red coloured pens, whereas the men went for the Blue or Black, and occasionally the Red.

It made me realise how powerful colours could be in gaining your target market’s attention – and how a simple trick like using the colour of your pen, could turn your next promotional pen into a ‘keeper’.

Top Ten Promotional Gifts

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It’s fair to say this is easily the question I most frequently get asked. I do my best to get folk to look at this question another way – what they should be asking me is what’s  the most ‘effective’ promotional gift for my (insert specific nature of business here) business, together with ‘where and how and to whom’ the promotional gift is going to be used. However, I get asked the question SO much, maybe it’s time to come clean, maybe it’s time to just tell it how it is. Working in the business of promotional gifts, over a period of time, a statistical picture emerges showing you the trends in purchases, which when assessed gives an interesting and consistent picture of the types of promotional gifts that are being purchased.

So, in true beauty pageant style – in reverse order – the results for the Top Ten Promotional Gifts are as follows:

Number Ten
Sports Bottles

Sports Bottles from RT Promotions

Sports Bottles from RT Promotions

Increasingly popular at ‘events’ and even for use in the office. There’s loads to choose from, in all kinds of funky colours – is there a colour to match your brand identity? Within the mix you’ll find some ‘serious’ water bottles and others intended as ‘fun’ items but they all have their role to play. Perfect for associating your company or service with ‘water’ or hydration – or simply to be seen by folk interested in their own health and well being.

Number Nine
USB Memory Sticks

Printed USB Memory Sticks from RT Promotions

Printed USB Memory Sticks from RT Promotions

You’re absolutely spoilt for choice with this promotional gift, and that’s just for the actual device/holder – when the time comes to purchasing a USB Memory Stick, you’ve also got to decide on what size ‘chip’  or how much memory you require? This is a gift that pretty much appeals to all market sectors – if you’ve got a computer, you’ll appreciate a gift of one of these.

Number Eight
Diaries and Calendars

Printed Diaries and Calendars from RT Promotions

Printed Diaries and Calendars from RT Promotions

It’s a common misconception that this area is on the decline. Yes, lots of folk use their computers or hand-held devices to manage their diaries, but there’s still plenty of people that appreciate a good old fashioned pen and paper. From pocket diaries to desk diaries to diary organisers and calendars there’s something for everyone and it’s no longer a case of “do you want it in black, blue or red”? In many cases there’s a wonderful range of colours – maybe one to match your brand identity? Think about it – if you get this right, you’ve got a promotional gift that’ll be used for a whole year!!

Number Seven
Conference Folders

Printed Folders from RT Promotions

Printed Folders from RT Promotions

You could be forgiven for thinking that by their very name these printed folders are only any use for conferences, and you’d be wrong!! In fact, most of our clients who purchase these use them for anything but conferences. Perfect for daily use by your own people, for handing out notes and files at training seminars, or even for use as a quality business gift, one that will be used time and time again.

Number Six

Printed and Personalised Confectionery from RT Promotions

Whilst this isn’t a category of promotional gift that has a long shelf life (no pun intended), after all, once they’ve been consumed, they’re gone, perhaps forgotten, and with them so has your message – they do have their part to play. Unlike the other items in our Top Ten Promotional Gifts, where the item may be used for weeks, months and even years, constantly reminding the recipient of your brand and message, confectionery, by it’s very nature, will soon be gone – but that’s where it’s POWER lies. Promotional gifts appeal to your customers ‘senses’, and this one will appeal to their sense of ‘taste’ in a way that the other items simply can’t. Perfect for using as a promotional giveaway at trade shows or exhibitions, they also have their use in the training room.

Number Five
Coffee Mugs

Printed Coffee Mugs from RT Promotions

Printed Coffee Mugs from RT Promotions

Printed and Personalised coffee mugs are a brilliant promotional gift, and today, more than ever, you have so much choice. The most popular style of promotional coffee mug is the earthenware or ceramic mug. Perfect for everyday use and with hundreds of styles and shapes and colours to select from. Increasingly we are seeing a trend towards Travel Mugs, or Thermal Mugs – great gifts for folk on the move or in the car. Don’t forget, if your style requires it, you can even get Bone China promotional coffee mugs!!

Number Four

Promotional Clothing from RT Promotions

Promotional Clothing from RT Promotions

You’ll be spoilt for choice in this category. There’s just so much choice. The ever-popular and potentially low-cost printed T-Shirts continue to sell well, but increasingly folk are trading up to the more stylish Polo Shirt, and that usually means they’ll be embroidered as opposed to printed. Embroidery opens up all kinds of possibilities in the Promotional Gifts market, as once the image has been set-up and created, it’s easy to simply apply it to a massive range of garments. Traditionally, when ‘printing’ you need to print as many garments as you can to keep the costs low, whereas embroidery opens up the possibilities of having very low quantities across a much broader range of garments. Whether you decide to go with a budget garment, or upgrade to executive, branded clothing is certainly a powerful promotional gift.

Number Three
Plastic Giveaways

Printed Plastic Giveaways from RT Promotions

Printed Plastic Giveaways from RT Promotions

It’s hardly surprising that this category should feature in the top three promotional gifts, there’s just so many products to choose from. Ranging from the sublime, (Printed Paperclips), to the functional (Printed Rulers), to the ridiculous (windscreen wipers for computer screens) – there’s something for everyone, and more importantly, every budget.  This is a popular category as it’s mostly ‘budget driven’, but remember, not everything that’s cheap is nasty – I’ve many examples of these low-cost promotional gifts bringing a powerful ROI to my clients.

Number Two
Pens and Pencils

Promotional Pens and Pencils from RT Promotions

Promotional Pens and Pencils from RT Promotions

Often cited as the Number One Promotional Gift, this category regularly features as number two. There’s no doubt it’s powerful as we all use pens and pencils, so getting your name onto one, and then into the hands of your potential customers is such a simple way to make sure your brand/service is remembered. There’s something for everyone in this category, with Plastic Pens being the single most popular sub-category. Whilst we all love a quality Metal Pen, sometimes the budget just wont allow it to happen!! Don’t forget the Novelty Pens section – have fun with your pens and bring a smile to your customers faces.

Number One

Printed Bags from RT Promotions

Printed Bags from RT Promotions

Consistently coming in at Number One – Printed Bags have a multitude of uses as a promotional gift. Ranging from the disposable and simple carrier bag to the type of bag that will be kept and used for years to come – shopper bags, laptop bags, sports bags, gym bags, messenger bags, golf bags, etc, etc.

So there you have it, the Top Ten Promotional Gifts – these are the ones that folk are purchasing, and they consistently purchase them because they WORK!!

What promotional gift has worked for you and why?

Research by Sourcing City – January 2012