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How To Embroider Your Logo Onto Aprons

Posted in Clothing with tags , , , , , on January 11, 2015 by Richard

My company – RT Promotions – offers a wide range of aprons to suit any hospitality outlet. They range from long waist, to simple waist styles, and all come with challenges on how best to embroider and personalise them for your business.

Full length hospitality apron with pocket

Full length hospitality apron with pocket

I’ve noticed that when clients select a style of apron for their business, they put a great deal of time and effort into choosing the right ‘look’ the right colour and style, and then of course, the right price – but I recommend you give equal consideration to the application of the logo and branding and any other decoration that’s needed.

Remember – these garments are going to get some rough treatment and are certainly going to be washed regularly; so the decoration process has to be able to withstand the rigours of continual use.

Don’t forget – the washing instructions on the label only apply to the garment, not the decoration. With this in mind, we always recommend that only embroidery be used.

Embroidery is harder wearing than other decorative treatments, and is particularly suited to smaller designs and logos. It always has a quality look and feel and will often outlive the garment!!

Embroidery is far more versatile than people imagine – but – do give plenty of thought to the exact position for the logo or design when branding onto aprons.

The best example of getting it wrong is when branding onto a full length apron – as I’ve pictured here. Remember, that when in use, many of your staff will drop the top half of the apron, effectively folding it over, so if you’ve had your logo embroidered centrally and onto the top half – it’s not even going to be visible by the time your staff have folded it over!!!

Half sized or bar aprons, are becoming increasingly popular and pose fresh challenges for where to position your logo. Whatever you do, don’t embroider centrally onto these garments – the design brings far to much attention to the crotch area – not a good idea!!! A really effective position is onto the thigh area and it has the added advantage of being clear of any pockets.

Pink Bar Apron

Pink Bar Apron



Personalised England Polo Shirts

Posted in Clothing, Promotional Gifts, UK with tags , , , , on June 28, 2010 by Richard

I wonder how many people are left holding speculative stock of England football merchandise?

England Flag Polo Shirts

We had lots of interest in various promotional items, from the weird and wacky, to the fairly ‘normal’, all aimed at maximising the momentum of the England World Cup football teams’ progress…. what now eh?

Still… at least there’s always the Formula 1, or the cricket, or maybe even the tennis, it is after all the start of Wimbledon here in the UK.

Could you make the most of an England Flag Polo Shirt?

I’ve Moved

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I’ve decided to move the blog onto my website, and would love you to keep in touch, so follow this link, to the all-new Blog, entitled Promotional Gifts Blog. It’s the same style of content, all from me, Richard Mack, just in a different location.

A Lost Deal That Made Me Smile Anyway

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It isn’t often you’ll hear me talk about losing a deal whilst having a smile on my face at the same time, but yesterday, that’s exactly what you’d have got!! I’d been in talks with one of my larger corporate clients (that’s larger as in global-sized-business as opposed to a large person), who were exploring the idea of inviting lots of their clients to their UK Head Office to watch one of the upcoming England World Cup matches.

Just add your logo

Their thinking was along the lines of having lots of nibbles and drinks with giant TV monitors and comfy seats spread around….. and maybe a few corporate gifts to take home with them to act as a reminder of a fabulous afternoon out.

Well they already have loads of spare promotional gift items, you know, printed pens, branded coffee mugs, that kind of thing, so there would be no problem in having a nice selection of personalised gifts, but they wanted something more in keeping with the World Cup.

After lots of options were floated around, they decided on these England Flag Polo Shirts. They were pre-embroidered with the flag, so all we’d have to do is embroider their logo/message onto them. It was a nice sized order, and would have rounded off the various guests day by being given a quality shirt to go home with.

With all the paperwork in place, it was simply a question of fine tuning the various sizes my client would require. We were told we’d get the order the next day.

After reading my headline for this article, it’ll come as no surprise when I tell you my client decided NOT to go ahead with this particular order.

But why on earth would I find this amusing? I’d just lost an order and yet I had a smile on my face????

Simple really… the reason they decided against the marketing spend on this particular (small scale) World Cup event, was because they’d decided to become a corporate sponsor of the Ferrari F1 Team. Part of the deal gives them access all areas at the British F1 race in July, and their thinking was that this would give a lot more bang per buck….

Now I’m a big fan of F1 racing, and hearing an argument like that, as opposed to ‘we can’t afford it’ or ‘we thought we’d give them a free lunch instead’ just brought a great big smile to my face.

How To Get A Return On Your Investment At A Trade Show

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It’s kind of the ‘holy grail’  isn’t it? There you are spending a fortune on an exhibition or trade show…. all that time, energy and MONEY. I bet you know to the nearest penny the amount you’ve spent on the stand, carpeting, lighting, transport, stand build, promotional gifts (please tell me you did that!!!), staffing, Hotels, meals, entertainment, etc, etc. But do you measure your success?

RT Promotions Exhibition Display

RT Promotions Exhibition Display

My company, RT Promotions, has just returned from our most successful trade show ever, and I thought I’d share some of the processes we applied at the event.

I think the biggest lesson we learnt was ‘preperation’. Yes, you’ll have prepared for the show with a tick list of things to make it happen. The booking of all the various things, the layout, etc. But, have you sat down and quietly considered what you are trying to achieve and ‘how’. Of course you’re after more customers or increased sales….. but then so is everyone else. So my question is, ‘what are you going to do that different’?

Let me put this another way. Have you got a battle plan? A plan that you will sit down and discuss with all the people involved in the show (your staff). A detailed plan of action that tells your stand staff what you want them to do, and more importantly, what you DON’T want them to do!!! A friend of mine organised a stand for a client and when he asked the staff what they were going to do, they all thought that simply being pleasant and handing out brochures was acceptable….. he soon put them right. The plan was to ‘qualify’ prospective clients asap. If they weren’t a client, then a happy smile and a brochure was fine, after all, PR’s a good thing right? but, the important thing here was that he gave the staff a clear focus. They were there to determine the folk who weren’t time waster, or brochure collectors.

Richard Mack and Catherine Gregg, of RT Promotions
Richard Mack and Catherine Gregg, of RT Promotions

That’s where my business, RT Promotions, can help. Some promotional gifts, particularly the low-cost ones, are brilliant to get your staff talking to prospects, asking them the quality questions that’ll sort the wheat from the chaff.

Don’t be afraid to ask those powerful ‘qualifying’ questions. They’re gems. Let me give you an example.  A few months ago, I went as a visitor to ‘The Gift Show a’t the NEC. It took over all of the halls there… it waqs a massive event, and stand space was at a premium. I was impressed. the stands were amazing, the show was packed, there was a buzz about the place. But…. I wasn’t a ‘customer’. I wasn’t in the market for any of the things being sold there, I was simply looking for fresh ideas…. . Now, lets be clear. I didn’t waste anyones time, I was a ‘browser’ and didn’t hide it. If asked, I made it clear that I didn’t own a gift shop, but one guy, the owner of the company, spent 15 minutes telling me all about his range of candles. He was passionate, and wanted to tell me about all of the features, smell this, hold this, let me show you the price, etc. While he was engaged with me, folk were wondering on and off his stand, being neglected, and all he’d needed to do was to ask me a simple question, “do you purchase candles’, or ‘do you own a gift shop’… anything!!!!

Get your staff focussed. Use the promotional gifts to qualify OUT those that are not potential customers.

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

Posted in Clothing, ECO Friendly, Memory Hook Ideas, Networking with tags , , , , , , , , on October 29, 2009 by Richard

Statements about corporate responsibility are all the rage aren’t they? They’re a little bit like the ‘mission statements’ of the 80’s, they look good on paper and allow the ‘suits’ to say they’ve signed it off, but it often stops there, just a statement, no action.

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

In a world where being seen to ‘do’ something is half the battle, physically ‘wearing’ your statement is pretty powerful stuff right? My business, RT Promotions, apart from branding and personalising all the usual promotional give-aways (and yes, we do lots of ECO Friendly promotional gifts), have become known as specialists in embroidered and branded corporate wear (logo’d shirts). We have noticed a massive upsurge in the demand and supply of ECO Friendly clothing, and the savvy companies we work with have started to use this style of clothing wherever possible.

When buying ECO Friendly clothing, look to see if its accredited. We insist on our organic cotton that’s grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and defoilants. We try to use ‘Skal’ as they are the main internationally recognised certifier of organic cotton.

My personal corporate wear is always branded, and it works, people notice it and as a result, remember me and my business. That’s what I call ‘memory hook marketing’ the power of subliminally helping people to remember you and your business, so when the time is right for them to do business with you, they won’t have any trouble remembering you!!

Imagine the power of you and your staff wearing eco friendly clothing?


Effective For A Reason

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Promotional products are bought for a variety of reasons, but the number one reason most companies buy a supply of promotional gifts, is to GENERATE BUSINESS. It doesn’t have to have bells and whistles, it doesn’t have to be the very latest idea, it doesn’t have to be cheap or expensive… all or needs to be is EFFECTIVE.


Effective Promotional Products

Effective Promotional Products

In any survey regarding promotional products I’ve ever seen, and believe me, I’ve seen a few, the simple T Shirt is always up there in the top five, often top three.  A T Shirt for goodness sake…. what’s exciting about a T Shirt? Well hang on a minute, who said anything about ‘exciting’ (not that a T Shirt has to be boring), we were talking about ‘effective’. So ask yourself the question, what do you want, effective, or different???

T Shirts are a great way to get people (customers) to engage with your message. What can be more engaging than physically wearing your message? Plus, if you get the imagery right, the effect is viral. Picture an event where the occasional customer is wandering around wearing your message, other potential customers will be drawn to the image, and will begin to ask, “how do I get to wear one, where did you get the T shirt from?”, and so even more customers are seen wearing them, and yet more people ask where they can get them from….. that’s an interesting prospect right?

T shirts are effective because they are worn and owned by the owner, but are seen and desired by the marketplace. The owner has to nurture and care for the product or it will eventually waste away, so the customer buys in to your mesage in a truly engaging way, much more so than with say a pen.

Go on, be adventurous with your branding and message, go for a promotional T shirt!!!