Time To Re-programme My ‘Word Chip’?

Have you noticed how folk’s communication skills have dropped? Ooooh – BIG BOLD sweeping statement there!!!

My business, RT Promotions, deals with high levels of incoming email traffic from random folk, who may or may not be genuine, who may or may not be in a position to proceed, and who are sometimes even competitors checking out our pricing policies – and you know what? We NEVER know who’s for real and who isn’t. Of course, there’s little tell tale signs (no, I’m not disclosing them in this post – maybe another?), but the truth is, you simply can’t tell. We call it ‘kissing frogs’ – we simply put on a smiley face, and go kiss them, warts and all, and hope they might turn into a prince/princess.

One of the things I’ve noticed though, is a trend for folk to be ‘curt’ in their email compositions – quite often, a whole sentence, properly constructed, is a woop woop moment – and I simply didn’t understand it. Why are folk so short?

And then, the penny dropped, and I reassessed the incoming traffic, and realised they’re almost all coming from hand held devices. People on the move, things to do, trains/planes to catch, and who are sending enquiries/replies, as best they can, in the short amount of time available to them. So NOT ‘rude’ then – just busy!!!

And there I was thinking I needed to re-programme my built-in ‘word chip’.

Have you seen the same trend?

2 Responses to “Time To Re-programme My ‘Word Chip’?”

  1. thehiddenedge Says:

    That is a nice shift in perception – I like it!

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