I’m A Heating Engineer – Which Three Promogifts could I Use To Promote My Business?

I love questions like that. Straight to the point. It’s almost a challenge isn’t it? Go on then – tell me what you think I should use to effectively promote my business as a heating engineer. Ok – let’s do this fast and dirty shall we…..

Promogifts for a heating engineer to use to promote their business

Promogifts for a heating engineer to use to promote their business

No 1: I’d go with a fridge magnet that’s the same size and dimensions as a business card. They’re perfect for handing out, just like you would a business card, only these will be stuck either on the fridge door, or maybe, on the boiler you come to service. The best thing about this kind of gift is that it can be used for prospective customers as well as for existing ones. Another nice feature of these Business Card Shaped Fridge Magnets is that we print them in full colour, so you don’t have to worry about how many colours are in your logo/message, it’s all in the price. Most folk purchase around 500 business cards when they get them printed, and guess what? We can print as little as 500 of these too.

No 2: I’d recommend a Radiator Key. Every home needs one, so why not put your contact details on them and give them away? The Radiator Keys that I have on our website have a couple of additional features that I’m sure you’ll like: they have a built-in magnet, so again, you won’t have to go rummaging around in that kitchen drawer, it’ll be stuck to the fridge, boiler or maybe, on the kitchen radiator? Another feature is that in addition to being used to help ‘bleed’ radiators, it has another ‘key’ – only this one’s for the gas locker cupboard. So, three features in one, in a handy little give-away gift that will have your contact details on it.

No 3: This ones a little different. How about a House Shaped Room Thermometer. These are great little promotional giveaways, perfect for including with any quotes that you do, but also as a handy reminder of your contact details for your existing customers.

There you go – three ideas for you to consider to effectively promote your business as a heating engineer. I hope you liked them.


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