Keyrings – A Cunning Plan

Working in the world of corporate gifts, I have to ‘walk the walk’ – it’s no good me telling clients that they need to use a branded gift to promote their businesses and then I don’t do the same thing for my own business. So, I need to ensure that my business has a steady supply of corporate gifts, one’s that we use as give-aways to our potential clients as well as giving them to customers when appropriate.

My brand new keyrings arrived yesterday, and I love em!! They’re the trolley token keyrings I’m always raving about. We already sell loads of them to our clients, they’re one of our Best Sellers, so I thought it would make a great give-away for our own use. My one’s already been placed on my bunch of keys, and that’s when it hit me, an idea for a cunning plan.

I see them as a business card, fixed to my key fob, that I can simply hand out to prospective clients whenever an unexpected opportunity arises. I’ve lost count of the number of times an opportunity comes my when, when I least expect it. I often have a business card or two in my wallet, but an even better way is to simply hand over my Trolley Token Keyring – “here you go, this is my business card – why not give me a call”?

Printed and Personalised Key Fobs

Printed and Personalised Key Fobs


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