My Top Ten Tips for Choosing a Keyring

Top Ten Tips for Printed Keyrings

Top Ten Tips for Printed Keyrings

It’s a rare sight to see a key without a keyring isn’t it? A bit like ‘love and marriage’ and horse and carriage’ – they go together so well, you rarely see them apart. Thus – you have the makings of a powerful corporate gift.

Keyrings are consistently in our ‘Top Ten Best Selling Promotional Gifts’ lists, so using one as a promotional give-away ticks all the right boxes.

Have a read of my top ten tips before you make a purchase.

Nearly all keyrings – by their very nature, are pretty small – so think carefully about what you want to have branded onto them. If it fits – we’ll get it on there for you, but if you have a huge logo that won’t reduce down in size, or need to publish a complicated message to the world, maybe a keyring isn’t the right product for you?

Not all keyrings are equal – some are perfect as a low cost give-away, whilst others will be perceived as a ‘gift’. The golden rule with all promotional gifts is who, what, when, where, how and why – when you can answer those questions, you’ll then know which type of keyring to purchase.
Branding in full colour reduces your options. Choice number one should be acrylic keyrings. Yes they’ve been around a long time, but they’re still here because they’re effective so don’t overlook them. Another popular method for getting full colour onto a keyring is the ‘epoxy domed‘ style.
Why not get a keyring with a ‘gift’ attached to it? One of our top-selling lines is a keyring/bottle opener – would that work for you?
The ultimate attachment? It has to be a USB memory stick!!
Metal keyrings just have that ‘feel’ about them don’t they? We have some in our range where we can even engrave individual names for you – and at no additional cost
Our Logo Keyfobs have been a best-seller for years, and as a low cost, colourful give-away they take some beating. We can even sequentially number them for you making them perfect for prize draws and raffles.
Why not consider our pound coin keyrings?
If your target market is ‘motorbike riders’ – make sure the keyring doesn’t scratch. Unlike in a car the keyring on a motorbike will often dangle against the fuel tank and frequent use of a metal or hard plastic keyring will cause damage to the paintwork.
Need a unique shape? Our range of PVC keyrings means you can have almost any shape/colour you want.

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