Trade Secrets – Promotional Coffee Coasters

I know what you’re thinking – ‘what on earth is there that’s a ‘secret’ about a simple coffee coaster’? Well, believe it or not, there’s a few things I can tell you, that could make a BIG difference to your buying experience when you find yourself considering the options available to you within this sector of the promotional gifts market.

Promotional Coffee Coasters

Promotional Coffee Coasters

My company, RT Promotions, has a fairly comprehensive range of coasters on offer on our website, in excess of fifty in fact. They range from cheap and cheerful paper coasters, to plastic, acrylic, PVC, metal, leather, vinyl, gnalvic and glass – and I’ve probably missed a few!!! They all have their particular features – some can be printed onto in full colour, whilst others can only be printed in ‘spot colours’, some can even be embossed or engraved. But, I can hear you ask – what about the secrets??

The secrets come into play, when I consider what the coasters WONT do….

I’ll give you an example. There’s a promotional coffee coaster on the market, that’s been a best seller for years. My company has sold tens of thousands of them – and we’ve not had one single complaint. The manufacturer claims the coasters to be ‘virtually indestructible under normal use’, but I always warn my customers not to get them too wet. A bit odd don’t you think? A coffee coaster is going to get wet, spillages are going to occur, after all, that’s partly what they’re designed for isn’t it, to keep the spillages away from your desk or table? So here’s the secret, this particular coaster will be destroyed if placed in the washing up bowl. It will probably be irreversibly damaged if liquids are allowed to get under the base – and yet, it’s claimed to be ‘virtually indestructible under normal use’….. I must emphasise, the coaster has a lot going for it. It offers great colour reproduction, and is available at a great price. When I have customers visit my showroom, they almost always select this particular coaster from amongst the many samples we show them, and even when the clients are made aware of the coaster’s weakness, they usually proceed to purchase it regardless – but I often wonder how many people buying this coasters from other promotional gift suppliers are made aware of these facts in advance?

My favourite secret regarding a promotional coaster though is about the coaster that distorts and bubbles when you place a hot drink onto it!!! Can you believe it, a coaster that’s readily available, but which breaks when used for it’s intended purpose!!! I’ve removed this particular coaster from sale, it’s no longer on my company website, BUT – it’s still available from other companies, and being sold in the thousands.

Trade secrets eh? But then again, that’s the point about talking to my company – talk to seasoned experts in promotional products, and you’ll be advised properly.

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