Service With A Smile

I’ve been to a local four star Hotel today (many years ago they were a 5 star), and as it was my first ever visit, my expectations were very high. Arriving early, I headed straight for the bar to have a small beverage. It was quiet, just a few people milling around, and nobody was stood waiting to get served. So I stood, and waited, and waited, and waited.

Hopeless service at an empty bar

Hopeless service at an empty bar

Eventually, the young lady who was busy moving glasses from one section to another, spotted me waiting, and came and stood silently in front of me – no words, no “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting”, not even a simple  “hello”. So, after my drink was delivered, and I was told £4.50 (for a small beer by the way), I gave her the money, and waited for my change. She returned, put the money in my outstretched hand, and just swivelled and returned to her navel gazing…… just how difficult is it to say “Thank you”, “have a nice day”, whatever??

Trust me here, I was smiling, not the least bit grumpy, and the bar was not the least bit crowded.

I blame the management!!


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