The Power Behind the ‘Colours’ In Your Brand

Ever noticed how folk are drawn to colours? Take your own feelings for example – there’s sure to be a colour palette that somehow ‘attracts’ you. Now take a moment to consider how those attractions could work to your benefit when it comes to your company branding…….

Working in the wonderful (and colourful) world of promotional gifts – I get to see real-life examples of how colour can play an important part in making promotional gifts effective. The number one thing you usually want your promotional give-away to do, is to be KEPT. The last thing you want is for it to be discarded, shoved into the bottom/junk drawer or given to the kids – you want it to be a ‘keeper’ – used by the recipient it will act as a constant reminder of your brand, message or service – like a little timebomb, ticking away and waiting to go off when the owner finally makes a decision to do something related to your business or service, and then EUREKA – thinks about contacting YOU.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, promotional pens……

The colourful world of promotional pens

The colourful world of promotional pens.

Whenever I have visitors to my company showroom facility, I used to give them a choice of pen to take away with them. Naturally, the pens were all branded with my company brand/logo and contact information (I think of them as my company business cards), and here’s the thing, they were all exactly the same, apart from one thing – they were arranged in a selection of colours: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, and Black, – the same pens, all printed and branded the same way, just with a different coloured base unit. And I discovered something almost primeval – I found that I was constantly topping up my display pen pots of Red, Blue Purple and Black, but hardly ever topping up the orange and green pots. Then I started to pay closer attention to ‘who’ was taking which colour pen. I found that women were drawn to the purple ones (often with little gasps of ‘Oh, what a lovely colour’), followed by the red coloured pens, whereas the men went for the Blue or Black, and occasionally the Red.

It made me realise how powerful colours could be in gaining your target market’s attention – and how a simple trick like using the colour of your pen, could turn your next promotional pen into a ‘keeper’.


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