How To Make A Delegate Name Badge Be Effective

I was attending a business event earlier in the week, and as usual, they were handing out those little name badges – you know, the ones where you either slip your business card into the PVC wallet, or, if they’re really organised, they’ll have typed out all the delegates names onto simple white cards that are then slipped into the holder.

I ALWAYS find it really difficult to read people names when chatting to them at these events. Why? Well they’re always printed too small…. Think about it, a business card isn’t designed and printed with the intention of having it stuck on your chest so someone can read it from 2-3 feet away, and even when the organisers have had the inserts printed especially for you, they’re still difficult to read. Now – that can become uncomfortable when you person you are trying to engage with is a lady, and the badge is planted firmly on their chest – And – In order to be able to read their name you have to STARE. At their chests!!!! Not the best of ideas.

Ladies networking with name badges strategically positioned

Ladies networking with name badges strategically positioned

So I recommend you go prepared – take your own name badge – and put a snappy/funny strapline below your name, one that invites a conversation and without you having to do anything, gets your fellow delegates to engage with you – easy eh?

As for the badges? Yes, they are part of a range of very popular Delegate Name Badges that my business, RT Promotions has to offer. We find that this one, the DIY Name Badge, is a popular choice with our customers, and again, is available to purchase from my website.


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