Clever Artwork Makes All The Difference

Working with promotional gift ideas all day, I get to see all manner of artwork that my clients want printed onto their promotional items. To be fair, on eight out of ten products there’s not lots of room to do much more than add your logo, then maybe a phone number, web address, that kind of thing, and if you’re really lucky, maybe adding a strapline or an interesting ‘call to action’. My point is, when you do have an opportunity to print something more than this, all too often clients don’t – they simply ask for items to be personalised pretty much like I’ve already explained.

Working with a specialist graphic designer can make a massive difference to ‘how’ the finished promotional product will look. Clever, quality artwork will transform a standard gift into something special. Take a look at this example:

It started off life as a ‘tube’, but by the clever use of appropriate artwork, it now looks like a tube of Pringles. Now that’s a USB Memory Stick that once given, you’d simply not let out of your hands – nice.

Clever artwork will turn a standard/ordinary promotional gift into something special.

Printed and Personalised USB Flash Drives

Printed and Personalised USB Flash Drives

2 Responses to “Clever Artwork Makes All The Difference”

  1. That is clever! I’ve always wondered why the tops of USB sticks are not attached in some way? I have loads where I have ‘lost’ the lids. The Pringle wouldn’t be the same without its pop would it?

    • Thanks Laura – that’s a good point you make about losing the lids. The most popular USB memory sticks I sell are the ones with an integrated ‘lid’, so you can’t lost them!! The point with the Pringles device is it’s ‘look’. Probably NOT the most well designed device, but the look is a killer!!

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