Case Study – Boring Pen v Exciting Promotional Pen

It’s not often I get the chance to show clients a ‘before and after’ type scenario, particularly with promotional pens. More often than not, our proposal for a new pen is tied-in with a re-brand and so you can always argue that any improvement in reaction is the result of the new branding. So the example I’m going to share with you is a little unique. The company had been buying the same pen for years, and in recent times, with the orders for pens being placed with my company, RT Promotions, I decided to explore the possibilities of them trying a new style of pen.

The point with pens is that there’s nearly always a restricted ‘print area’. That’s the area that we’re able to print your artwork into, and it’s never as big as you’d like it to be. We can usually get your logo on there, as well as a telephone number and a web address – and if you’re really lucky, maybe a strapline!!!

All of this will be printed in just one single colour, extra colours cost more, and as for ‘shades’, well that’s all but impossible on most pens….

So, imagine their surprise when I showed them a way we could print onto a pen in multiple colours, including shades, and virtually all-over the pens barrel.

They loved the idea, and the best bit was, so did their customers. The pens have been a BIG success with everyone asking for one. The old pens? Well, you could take them or leave them, and most folks left them…. whereas these pens, folk actually asked for one. As I keep telling you all – pens are like business cards, and you need to ask yourself the question, “when was the last time you had a problem with a customer asking you for another card”?

In this case study, the client used a unique telephone number on the pens, as by doing so they were able to measure the response from the pens being handed out. The data is still sensitive, so lets just say my client is ‘over the moon’ happy, and has come back to order even more of them.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and so I’m including a couple of shots for you see what I’m talking about. In both pictures, the old/original pen is the one at the top. In particular, look at the ‘apple’ logo. You’ll see all the wonderful shades and textures on the bottom one, but just look at what they’d been putting up with on the original pen. It’s just a big blob of red.

The Apple pen

Full colour printing onto pens








The Apple pen

The Apple pen


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