Unusual Ideas For Promotional Gifts – Condoms

I can think of quite a few businesses that could give away a promotional condom to promote their business – but for the purposes of this blog post I don’t think I’ll venture down that particular avenue!!! The example I’m going to share with you is pretty extraordinary – believe it or not, this article is about a restaurant using a promotional condom as part of their marketing activity. But here’s the point – it worked!!! I got to hear about it after a customer told me all about it – he had kept hold of the promotional gift, and wanted to show it to me, tell me all about it – and in doing so – told me all about the fantastic restaurant he’d been to – effective or what?

The first thing he did was to put the keyring on the bar (yes, my meeting was in a bar, I do get out occasionally). my first view of the keyring is the one you can see in this photo.

Pretty straightforward stuff.

I sell loads of keyrings just like this to all manner of businesses – I couldn’t see what he was so excited about.

Then he turned the keyring over – and there it was, a promotional condom on the back of the keyring.

Now I didn’t quite understand what this was all about, until he filled me in on the ‘backstory’.
In the UK, up until the 60’s, the most popular method of buying a condom was at the barbers (hairdressers). I don’t know why that was, it just was….. but in Thailand, the most popular place to buy your condoms is at the greengrocer, with your fruit and veg – again, I’ve no idea why this should be the case, but this is what I’ve been told. So, the owners of this new Thai Restaurant in Oxfordshire, for reasons best known to themselves, decided to call their restaurant ‘Cabbages and Condoms’.

I’m puzzled and impressed in equal measures.

The business owners have gone and done something that people are talking about – they’re certainly going to be remembered – but is it all for the right reasons?


4 Responses to “Unusual Ideas For Promotional Gifts – Condoms”

  1. There is also a thai restaurant in Bangkok called cabbages and condoms with the same logo. In the restaurant you can see all manner of items created by condoms; lamps, art, even life size tiger woods! Instead of giving out after dinner mints they give out condoms, the reason being is that a certain percentage of their profits goes towards safer sex schemes in Thailand, there is actually a meaning behind the incredibly clever marketing.

    • Cheers Vicky – great feedback. Amazing isn’t it? A simple piece of marketing gets folk talking about your brand!!! Nice website by the way 🙂

  2. Harvey Taylor Says:

    Making condoms widely available and promoting positive associations with safer sex is great business and great social responsibility.

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