Supermarket Trolley Token Keyrings – My Top Ten Tips

Have you noticed how you’ve never got a £1 coin when you need one? It’s always when you’re in a rush, and all you need is a coin, but, despite all that loose change, there’s never a £1 coin when you want one. That’s where this promotional gift comes in. The Trolley Coin Keyring’s ‘coin’ wont work in machines where there’s a real value proposition, they only work in mechanisms where you get the token back: supermarket trolleys, lockers at the gym or health club, etc, and they’re PERFECT for business owners because we’ll personalise the tokens with your artwork and messages. These are very popular promotional gifts right now – so giving them away to folk who are in your target market makes a lot of sense. Read my Top Ten Tips for ‘how’ to make them effective.

Trolley Coin Keyrings

Trolley Coin Keyrings produced by RT Promotions

Keep it simple – Take a long hard look at a pound coin – Now imagine your artwork on one. If your artwork fits, we’ll print it on there for you, but think about it – it is a small print area – maybe this is an example of ‘less is more’?
Trolley Coin Keyrings have a habit of being popular, so be careful, they could hang around for a long time. Make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
In general, the published costs will be for printing onto just one side of the coin, you will pay extra to print onto the reverse. Whilst it’s nice to have two different messages, why not save money and be subtle, have just the one side printed?
Be different. Why not offer a ‘Euro Token’ instead of the more common ‘pound coin’? They cost the same to produce, but will appeal to different markets. Or if one of the more unusual designs works for you, why not consider the ‘House Shaped’ coin holder, or maybe the ‘Euro Coin’ one? Be different!!
If appropriate, make your Trolley Token stand out from the crowd by the clever use of colour. Need to appeal to the female market? Why not go for a bright pink coin?
Don’t forget those little attention to details: Why not upgrade to a gold coloured treatment? Or, consider putting them in a quality gift pouch to hand out.
Why not purchase one with a dual use? For example we can produce one that’s built into a keyring with a bottle opener feature.
Consider using a trackable unique telephone number so you can measure their effectiveness.
Most promotional gifts are aimed at the b2b market – the Trolley Token Keyring crosses the boundaries and also appeals to the b2c market. Think about ‘who’ will be receiving your gift and brand them with the right message for your market.
Purchase more than you think you’ll need. It’ll make the cost per coin cheaper so you won’t mind giving them away!!

If after all that you still need help – contact us here:

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