Female Rural Entrepreneurs – Kick Start Your Business In just 60 Days

If you’re struggling to get your ideas or services turned into products, or you’re struggling to get those products to your ideal market to make the sales to help you reach even more people, then I’d like to recommend this offering to you. It’s not often I recommend a product or service, so it has to be pretty good for me to sign up right? This opportunity will change your thinking and get you creating your own unique and valuable Business Blueprint to get the Client Breakthrough you really want in 60 days! Powerful stuff right?

Jo Dale

Jo Dale

Here’s the details – and I have to say, it’s pretty exciting!
One of my colleagues, Jo Dale, a really experienced consultant and coach is running a Teleseminar workshop on how to create Flourishing Income Streams in 60 Days. Jo has experience of delivering to clients both in the real and virtual worlds, so I know you’re going to find this one interesting.

To register for your place, click this link: Kick Start Your Business in just 60 Days

What will you learn?

In this teleseminar, Jo is going to explain exactly how she has learnt to create a service or product that sells EASILY and give you a Business Blueprint that will take you through a 60 Day plan to create your own flourishing income stream.

Jo works with a number of rural entrepreneurs who provide both services and products and gets fantastic results, and she now wants to take the opportunity to share her learning with you.

And if you’re wondering how exactly she does this easily while other rural entrepreneurs are creating endless products that sell in dribs and drabs but never really take off, you need to get on the call.

Jo is going to share:
· The biggest mistake you make when designing your offer
· Who your perfect clients are, where they are and what you say to them when you find them
· The magic path to becoming a client magnet
· How to make your offer really clear – and really difficult to say no to
To register for your place, click this link:  Kick Start Your Business in just 60 Days

This Teleseminar is going to give you the steps and the structure

So if you are feeling like you have a great idea, a great service or a great product and you’re just not getting it out there and making the sales to help you really lift your business off the ground, Jo is going to show you how to create a flourishing income stream – in 60 Days!

p.s. Places on the call are limited, so click here to register for your free place.


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