How a Promotional Gift Can Help SME’s Make Money from The Major Supermarket Chains

Most business owners I talk to share the opinion that the big chains do anything but ‘help’ SME’s – in fact, they’d argue they do the exact opposite – they actually ‘hurt’ them – so the idea of actually making money from the big boys has a certain appeal right? But ‘how’ to do it?

Like most things in life, it’s pretty easy – and the best bit as far as I’m concerned is that it involves the use of a promotional gift.

Supermarket £1 Coin Holder

Most supermarkets have started a policy of making the consumers pay for their trolley. It’s always a £1 coin – and is intended to stop folk taking the trolleys off-site. We’ve all seen our fair share of trolleys abandoned in the middle of nowhere, but in some communities this ‘garbage’ has become a very real problem, so simply making you pay for the trolley is a simple way to get you to return it – as upon it’s return, you get your £1 back from the mechanism holding it.

Have you noticed how you’ve never got a £1 coin when you need one? It’s always when you’re in a rush, and all you need is a coin, but, despite all that loose change, there’s never a £1 coin when you want one. That’s where the promotional gift comes in. There’s a keyring with a fake £1 coin attached. The fake £1 coin wont work in machines where there’s a real value proposition, they only work in mechanisms where you get the token back: supermarket trolleys, lockers at the gym or health club, etc, and they’re PERFECT for business owners because we’ll personalise the tokens with your artwork and messages. Now these are very popular promotional gifts right now – so giving them away to folk who are in your target market makes a lot of sense. Think about it. It’s a keyring that’s sure to be kept and used for years to come, and is a constant reminder of your brand and message.

That’s why I say you can make money from the supermarkets. Your customers use them, so giving your customers something to remember you by is sure to bring you business – that’s how really good promotional gifts work – they’re KEPT – they’re USED – and then the next time the user has a need for (whatever it is you do) – it’s your business that’s going to be first off the starting blocks for the enquiry. With prices from as little as 38p – think about the kind of return on investment you’ll get – and all thanks to the big supermarket chains for making your customers keep a £1 coin handy.


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