Write and Sniff

Papermate Ballpen

Does your pen’s ink have a smell?

I’d never really thought about this before but recent events have made me have a rethink.

I’ve always got a promotional pen or two in my possession, and am always handing them out to folk, after all, they act like a business card don’t they?  Anyway, there’s one pen that’s always been popular that I’ve had comments on regarding the smell of the ink.

The ink on one particular pen, once written with, smells of almonds or marzipan. It’s just so totally weird. My business, RT Promotions, sells hundreds of different pens from multiple manufacturers, so I’ve tested countless other pens in my showroom area (we’ve got hundreds of them there), and not one of them has any kind of smell, so why does this one?

The pen in question is a Papermate Rumour Ballpen – can anyone help with this puzzle?


2 Responses to “Write and Sniff”

  1. Maybe they did that on purpose to make it more popular? People can associate smells with good times so ink that smells like something we like could unconsciously trigger a stronger affinity for THAT particular pen.

    That would get it used more and your business on the person’s radar more often.

    Businesses that hand out cheap pens that barely write are defeating their purpose. If the pen writes it stays on my desk or I carry it with me. If it doesn’t it goes in the trash – unless I REALLY love your company and want your contact info handy- and I may not know enough about you for me to keep your broken pen around in my way!

    • Yes – I agree with your thinking here Gail. It never ceases to amaze me that folk want to buy cheap/tacky pens. I’m in talks with a ‘van hire’ company, and they’re considering low-cost cheap pens, but I’ve suggested they consider people associating a ‘broken pen’ with the fact that their vans must break down then!!!

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