My Top Ten Tips for Promotional Bags

Top Ten Tips for Promotional Bags

Promotional bags have been a top-selling promotional gift idea for years and its not hard to understand why that is.

Getting your logo or message onto the right bag, in the right way, is a sure fire way to ensure your message is seen and remembered for years.

My business, RT Promotions, supplies thousands of bags to our clients every year, so we see good ideas, as well as the not so good ideas, and I thought it might be a good idea to share some of our top tips with you.



  1. Spend time selecting the right bag, for the right event, for the right market. A large Tote bag may be perfect if you are going to a trade show, but may not be appropriate if you are running a series of seminars.
  2. Carrier bags – are a simple, effective solution, but you need to be looking for minimum quantities of c5,000 bags to make them cost effective.
  3. If appropriate, make your bag stand out from the crowd by the clever use of colour. Need to appeal to the female market? Why not go for a bright pink bag?
  4. Not all bags have large print areas. If you absolutely must have a large scale print, then make sure the bag you are looking at will allow for this.
  5. Remember, on most bags you’ll be paying for every single colour we print, as well as for every single position we print onto. Sometimes, contrary to point number 2, less is more!!!
  6. Going to a trade show and want your bag to be the one that everyone else puts their bag into? You’d better make sure you get the biggest bag possible then.
  7. Printed Bags can last a long time. We regularly see examples, still in use, that are more than ten years old, so make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
  8. Whilst most bags are simply printed onto to personalise them, we have plenty of choices where your logo or message can be embroidered onto the bag, and in some cases, even woven into the fabric. Classy!!!
  9. Think about ‘how’ your bags will be used after your event. Will they be an everyday-use bag, or a meeting bag, or maybe a bag to be kept in the boot of the car for emergencies?
  10. Purchase more than you think you’ll need. It’ll make the cost per bag cheaper so you won’t mind giving them away!!

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