When Two Worlds Collide – Personal and Business

My personal world came crashing in on me just before Christmas, when my business, RT Promotions, received a request from a UK Charity for a price on some Promotional LogoBugs, sometimes referred to as Promotional Wheebles. Getting a request, or indeed an order, from a charity isn’t exactly unusual, we do projects with plenty of them, so why then did this one matter more to me than most?

Well, that’s the ‘personal’ bit.

Printed and Personalised LogoBugs

Printed and Personalised LogoBugs

You see, my mum’s been diagnosed with Alzheimers, a form of dementia that I knew little about until two years ago when it came slamming into my life, but which I’ve now crammed-up on ever since it became ‘personal’. It’s been a crappy road to walk with my mum, seeing her slip slowly away from me, and forever wandering “what’s coming next”? Some days its OK, and other days it’s not, and the days it’s OK slowly get further and further apart, until, as now, it’s generally not pleasant when I sit with her and have a coffee, and a chat, and simply reassure her.

Big breath….. so you see, getting a request from “Alzheimer’s Research UK” was like being asked to supply printed and personalised napkins for a friends wedding…. my pleasure!!

We supplied the printed Logobugs to the charity, as always, on price, and on time, and maybe it’s just me, but I like the ‘clean’ look they have?

Bit of a rambling one from me to start off the new year, hope you like it, and please feel free to comment.


8 Responses to “When Two Worlds Collide – Personal and Business”

  1. Great Blog Richard, when your personal and business life meet it is good to have colleagues to talk to. The Alternative Board is designed to help in these situations. We are the Samartains for business owners

    • Cheers Ian, and you’re spot on I reckon. Your business, “The Alternative Board” is a brilliant way for business owners to discuss and share their issues. Without the boards that you carefully select and construct, where would they go for that level of support and advice?

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for sharing this blog. Always good to do a good job for causes we can really get behind.

    Be keen to hear some other case studies from you for a Promo Gift Blog we are running. Fancy doing a guest blog?



    • Thanks Conor. I’ve checked out your website…. looks good, and LOVE the philosophy behind the guest blog idea. I’ll send something over to you.

  3. Great blog Richard. My dad had Alzhiemers and I applaud anyone who can support the charities that support both patients and carers as my Mum and I made a lot of use of them over the years we looked after him.

  4. Dear Richard. I picked this up from Twitter and was very sad to hear about your Mum but it must have given you great pleasure designing the LogoBugs knowing that each sale will help in the research and support of people suffering from this disease.

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