5 Reasons Why I’m NOT Going To Follow You On Twitter

Love it or hate it, it’s your choice, but, you ignore it at your peril. Twitter has seen amazing growth year on year, and now has in excess of 300 million users worldwide. That’s quite an audience!!!

As with any technology, and in particular ‘internet based’ technology, it’s been picked up and used/abused by all and sundry, all attempting to spam their way into our streams. So, having been Tweeting (under different guises) since 2008, I thought I’d share just five reasons why I wont be following you on Twitter:

1: You’re using the default egg avatar. Try adding a photo of yourself
2: You’re using an out-of-focus photo, or maybe a sultry topless one.
3: You’ve not added anything to your bio. Give me some detail, where are you? Maybe add a link to your website, blog, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.
4: You keep repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating the same tweets tweets tweets all day.
5: You think its smart to tweet about automated programs offering to grow your Twitter followers

6 Responses to “5 Reasons Why I’m NOT Going To Follow You On Twitter”

  1. Love it .. and who have you blocked? BTW, I was recommended a lovely little application which helped me to sort out who I was following etc in Twitter, it’s called Tweepi if you’re interested. Happy New Year to you all at RT Promotions.

    • Thank you Linda. I’ll take a look at that app I reckon..
      For me, the most common reason for blocking on Twitter is ‘spam’. My favourites, the ones that get an instant reaction, are the malignant ones. Usually using the lines like: “Check out this cool way to bla bla bla”, followed by a link to a nasty site. And these are folk that have a smiley faced profile!!!! Yuk.
      Who and why do you block??

      • Having been fooled myself for the first and last time you should be aware that most of these spam DMs are from accounts which have been hijacked. Unless the owners check their sent DM list they may be unaware this has happened and that they need to change their password. May be better to tell them as much in a reply than to block them?
        Great points made in your article, Richard!

      • Thanks – that’s a good alternative look at the problem 🙂 I must admit, I always find it hard to go from a DM to the persons profile. You can’t even cut and paste their address and it ends up taking quite a while to do a DM back – independent of the original message….. and those I’ve tried it with never bother getting back anyway….

  2. I was thinking about this for the last couple of weeks and couldn’t really find the right things to say until now, when I was doing a quick clear out of Twitter again.

    Like you I block the obvious spammers, but I will also block those people who decide that I’m obviously a target for bullying – I was shocked when it first happened, but less so now. My typical response though is to just not follow people just because they have followed me.

    So when someone follows me, I give them a quick three point check – do they tweet, do they respond to people, do they retweet – if they do all of these things then the chances are we might be able to have a conversation at some point. If they don’t, then I’m afraid that unless they are sharing fabulous content they don’t get a look in.

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