Customers Care

I had to smile at the interaction with one of our clients the other day. We’d sent them a sample of an unusual Promotional USB Memory Stick, it’s part of a range that are kind of like ‘lego men characters’, and we sell loads of them. The one they liked was a ‘businessman‘ one. We realise that  getting your hands on a sample can make all the difference in giving a project a green light, so as long as they are returned to us in mint condition, we’re happy to oblige.

Well, we won the order, and the client sent us a photo of the little man, stood on their windowsill, saying ‘goodbye’. You just had to smile!!! I LOVE working with clients like this…. REAL engagement stuff eh?

So, they posted the sample back to us, and we just HAD to continue the fun. We did a simple mock-up of the businessman, laying on a bed (business card mints), with other USB Characters (designed to look like doctors and nurses etc) checking him out!!!

Our USB Man receives a medical check-up
Our USB Man receives a medical check-up

So for all the talk of ‘customer care’, I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Customers Care’.


2 Responses to “Customers Care”

  1. Colin jamieson Says:

    Love it, innovative as ever!

    Best wishes


    • Glad you liked it Colin – long time no see – hope things are going well – would be good to catch up some time. We’re based in Poole now – feel free to drop by anytime 🙂

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