Networkers – Please Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Leaving a networking event the other week, and slightly grumbly at the lack of manners from folk who should know better, I remembered this song from the 80’s, and thought – Mmmmmm maybe we could learn a thing or two from a pop song?

I’ll get straight to the point: why do fellow networkers think it’s OK to interrupt you, just to say ‘goodbye’?

Picture the following scene: Busy networking room/event in the process of concluding. Some folk are engaged in personal 1 to 1’s, some are scampering for the door, others are in larger/informal groups. Which is the group you should leave alone? Yep, that’s right, the personal 1 to 1’s, after all, they’re actually doing what they came to the event for…. having a personal discussion, and who knows, it could be BUSINESS.

Now picture those same 1 to 1’s, being interrupted by someone leaving, actually stopping the personal conversations to say:

  • Sorry to interrupt you Bob, but I’m in a hurry to leave, and just wanted to ask:
    • If you’ll be at bla bla bla next week?
    • If I could have one of your business cards?
      Or BEST OF ALL
    • the person you’re talking to if they’d like to buy my product/services

What a nerve!!! What a cheek? What ignorance!!!

Why not place your body into our mutual eyeline, trust me, we’ll see you stood there, and if either of us wants to stop our conversation and engage with you, we’ll do so when we’re ready. If we don’t engage with you, please don’t take this too personally, but GO AWAY!!!

To follow the tone of the song: saying ‘hello’ is important, so do please engage and speak, but as for ‘goodbyes’…. a wave will do!!!


2 Responses to “Networkers – Please Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

  1. Great point – well made – with a passion!

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