Name Badges With A Difference

How often do you arrive at an event, particularly if you’re networking, to be handed one of those cheap and cheerful name badges? You know the ones I mean, the ones where you either put your business card inside, or, if they’re really organised they’ve printed off your name and company details. Awful aren’t they?

DIY Name Badge

So why do you put up with them?

Why not take your own badge to events? We offer a range of printed name badges, but my favourite and the one I use is the DIY Name Badge. These are so easy to use, and the best bit is you can keep changing your message or ‘look’ depending on which event you’re attending. The front facia plate slides out, and you simply place your new insert into the backing plate. They even have a magnetic fixing so you don’t have to use those pins or crocodile clips on your nice clothing.

I’ve printed off a range of inserts (see image) which I keep handy in my car, and then, just as I’m about to go into an event, I make the decision on which insert to put into my badge. Is it a ‘serious’ event? If so, I’d better put my formal name badge on, but whenever possible, I try to use one of my cheeky inserts!!! Can you think of a suitable insert for my name badge?

DIY Printed Name Badges

DIY Printed Name Badges


2 Responses to “Name Badges With A Difference”

  1. Name Badges Says:

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