Lumpy Mail – Are You Getting The Basics Right?

Lumpy mail is a brilliant way to improve the odds of getting your mailshots into the hands of your prospects, and better yet, actually ‘opened’ by them. We all have to deal with unsolicited mail, both at home, and at our places of work, and I’m constantly amazed at the shear numbers of folk that I chat to who simply dump it all straight into the bin. They don’t even open it!!! Perfectly understandable when you consider the busy lives we all lead, and who needs yet another piece of sales garbage???

This is where ‘Lumpy Mail’ comes into its own. Lumpy mail is exactly what it says on the tin….. mail with something ‘lumpy’ inside!!! Now that can be pretty much anything you like, but most commonly, in my business, ‘Promotional Gifts’, it’s going to be a pen, or a keyring, or a pack of post it notes, or it might even be a fridge magnet. By making the mail ‘lumpy’, you entice the recipient to not just throw it in the bin, but to OPEN IT UP…. and voila!!! You’ve reached your target…. now you have the opportunity to tell them your sales pitch.

Royal Mail Letter Guide

Royal Mail Letter Guide

But, are you stumbling at the first hurdle? Are you underestimating the size of your lumpy package? If you get this wrong, and underpay for the postage, then you’ll be getting the exact opposite effect with your potential customer…. instead of a smile on their faces as they open up the mail, you’ll be getting them to grimace as they pay the postman the ‘fine’ for not paying enough postage!!!

Check your lumpy mail meets the strict guidelines laid down by the Royal Mail for their letters and small packages. Get it wrong, and you’re off to a disastrous start!!

Now then… what makes the perfect promotional gift, to go into your lumpy mail, and NOT incur excess charges from the Post Office?

That’s where my company, RT Promotions can help. We understand the complexities of this market, and know exactly which products will and wont work best for you. Call us now to discuss your lumpy mail requirements.


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