What Does Your Branding Say About Your Business?

Part of my job is to look at my clients’ branding. They want to put their logo onto a promotional pen or a branded coffee mug, so I check it out to make sure it’ll work, and I’m often surprised at what I see. You can always tell when a business has consulted with a professional designer or, more worryingly, when they’ve not!!

These days, it usually means they’ve got a logo (and brand) that works OK on the website they’ve had built (chicken and egg?), but which as soon as they want to use it in another medium, simply doesn’t work anything like as well. Often, they don’t even have the artwork files necessary to use their logo anywhere other than on a website.

I harp on about branding all the time, as to me, a great design can make all the difference when working with promotional gifts. Today though, I wanted to share a moment with you that made me smile.

Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers

My route home from the office takes me past a Chinese Takeaway, and I often grin when I see their branding. They’re called ‘Chinese Whispers’.

First impressions? It makes a difference from the usual ‘Jade Palace’ or ‘Oriental Views’ which you see all over the place. It had a nice ‘soft’ feel to it.

Second impressions? As I continued to drive past it, every night, I began to consider the other meaning behind the phrase ‘Chinese Whispers’. It took me back to those party games we used to play as kids at Christmas where your team came into a room, one at a time, and you whispered a complicated phrase to them, then, they in turn had to whisper the same phrase to the next person coming into the room. In no time at all, the phrase will have been distorted beyond all recognition from it’s initial concept. It’s a tale often told that during the first world war, a message was passed down the line to ‘send re-enforcements, we’re going to advance’, which became ‘send three and fourpence, we’re going to a dance’!!!

Anyway, back to the branding….. Given, that a particular issue with ordering any kind of Chinese food, but ESPECIALLY a takeaway, is that you’re always a little bit worried that you get what you actually order, a brand name like this, well, like I said, It makes me smile!!

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