Loud or Subtle for your Promo Gift?

I sometimes call this the ‘WoW’ factor. I love the effect that certain promotional gifts have on people, with some, literally gasping!! Now there’s a time and a place for a ‘gasp’ right? Sometimes it’ll be a good thing…..

Stress Wobblers

A Promo Gift With A Built-In Smile

That’s the thing with Promotional Gifts. Knowing when to go for the curtain raising, ‘Wow’ item, and when to play it subtle, and by ‘subtle’ I really mean subtle. I have worked with clients where the branding message is almost invisible, which in itself is a really clever message. You’re making a huge statement in fact, by giving a gift that’s barely branded only you and the client are in on the secret message. That’s up close and personal, and in it’s way, perhaps more powerful than the initial impact you get with a ‘WoW’ gift.

I often say to clients when they are choosing a gift, “think about what effect you want to have when your client receives this”. There’s a time an a place for ‘WoW’!!

2 Responses to “Loud or Subtle for your Promo Gift?”

  1. Excellent promotional gift. Suggest you give them away in sets of tens along with stress ball that can be used for in office bowling…. Just a thought.

  2. Cheers Conor
    Nice idea!!! I like it a lot… now why didn’t I think of that?
    Appreciate the comment.

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