Effective Promotional Gifts – The Coffee Coaster

Take a look at the average desk in your office. The chances are that most of them will have a coffee coaster, possibly with someone’s marketing message on. There’s no doubt that a Promotional Coffee Coaster is an effective marketing tool, and we’d like to share some tips with you on how to ensure you get the best possible results from them.
Top Ten Tips for Promotional Coffee Coasters

Top Ten Tips for Promotional Coffee Coasters

  1. Remember that whilst in use, the central area will be covered by the coffee mug. Design your coaster with print around the edges so that your marketing message is seen at ALL times.
  2. Consider using a trackable unique telephone number so you can measure their effectiveness.
  3. Make your coasters really stand out by selecting an unusual base material. You can get glass coasters, leather coasters, ceramic/earthenware coasters, or maybe you’ll go ‘green’ and have a coaster made from recycled materials?
  4. A lot of desks will already have a coaster. Is your design good enough to make the recipient choose yours over their existing one?
  5. Let your competitors spend all the money on the more expensive promotional coffee mugs. Just make sure they use your lower cost coasters to put them on!!
  6. Promotional Coffee Coasters can last a long time. We regularly see examples, still in use, that are more than ten years old, so make sure your message doesn’t ‘date’.
  7. Choose a coaster shape that compliments your brand/logo/message. Instead of the more common square or round shapes, why not consider: oval shaped coffee coasters, octagonal shaped coffee coasters, heart shaped coffee coasters, house shaped coffee coasters, and there’s even a coffee coaster shaped like a jigsaw puzzle!!
  8. Promotional Coffee Coasters are perfect for mailshots. They slip into a standard envelope, and go ‘letter post’ saving you money on the more expensive ‘lumpy’ items.
  9. Put a ‘call to action’ on your Promotional Coffee Coasters. They’re a marketing tool and a daily ‘memory hook’, so invite your prospects to do something. Visit your website perhaps?
  10. Purchase¬†more than you think you’ll need. It’ll make the cost per coaster cheaper so you won’t mind giving them away!!

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