Can You Use A Promo Gift At A Funeral?

My mate - Andy Cripps

MMmmm…. now there’s a thought. Can you? If you’d asked me that question a few months back, I’d have probably said ‘NO’. It would just be all wrong, and anyway, what on earth would you want to be promoting at a funeral? A funeral directors services perhaps? I guess, a company providing those services would say the congregation was their target market, and so maybe, they’d argue, why not try and promote ourselves? But to me, that would still feel all wrong.

And then I lost a good friend.

The send-off in London was a biggie. On the long drive up, listening to music tracks and thinking of my friend, the last thing I thought I’d see at the funeral would be a promotional gift….. but I did…. and it made me smile.

It happened right at the end of an emotional service. I’d never attended a funeral that was so intense, or so long. It was overflowing with friends and relatives, and they even had a webcam with a live link so you could watch on-line (and many did). Service over, respects paid at the coffin, we were ushered outside to a garden area, and en-route, were handed a simple bookmark (promo gift), with Andys’ details on it.

Now, my company, RT Promotions, sells promotional bookmarks. I even have a category for them on my website. But I’d never have thought of using them in this way.

I thought it was a simple, but appropriate gesture. A ‘smart’ way to use a promo gift, without it becoming tacky. Lesson learned!!!

One Response to “Can You Use A Promo Gift At A Funeral?”

  1. Tough time for you mate. Feeling for you.

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