How To Build Loyalty From Your Customers

For anyone with a customer-facing business, building ‘loyalty’ from your clients has got to be the main challenge hasn’t it? They’ve met you, sampled your products or services, and now you’d like them to return.

Now you could argue that if you’re any good at what you do, your customers will return anyway, so I guess, for you, there’s no problem!!! You never lose any of your clients to competitors do you? I bet there’s not many business owners that would make that statement….

So how could you go about building loyalty, and how could my company, RT Promotions, help you?

Loyalty Cards

For many of our clients, the answer has been to use a ‘loyalty card’.

We offer these cards for use as either Membership Cards, Loyalty cards or even VIP Cards, and then brand them to our clients own personal spec, and in the example I’m showing you here, that’s a beautiful full colour image of a traditional English pub, complete with thatched roof. The cards can have a magnetic strip on the back, for use with swipe machines, can be individually numbered, as well as having a signature strip. The possibilities are endless, but it’s ‘how’ you use them that will ultimately encourage your customers to pay you a repeat visit.

As a promotional gift item they are perfect: they go direct to the individual person you want them to, their use is measured, and your return on investment is visible.

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