The Perfect Promotional Gift For Use With Mailshots

There’s no disputing that ‘lumpy mail’ stands more chance of being opened than the standard leaflet/letter drop stuff, so it seems to me, that if you’re going to go to all the time, effort and expense of creating a mailshot campaign, it has to be effective, it has to bring you a return on your investment (ROI), and a promotional gift is a sure fire way to achieve that. But which one?

Here at RT Promotions, we try hard to not just sell our clients the first thing they ask for, we’ll usually ask them a few questions, not least, “How are you going to give these to your target market”. It may seem a daft question, but its an important one. You may be handing them out on the street or at a trade show, you may be giving them to folk you personally meet, you may be putting them into a goody bag, and lastly, you may be mailing them. Take a coffee mug for example. They’re a brilliant promotional gift, but, if you’re mailing them out, you’d better allow for a couple of things: 1: the costs of mailing such a lumpy/heavy item, and 2: the amount of broken mugs you’ll probably get.

Here in the UK, the mail system ‘measures’ the package you are going to post, and the cheapest item is referred to as a ‘letter’. To get your package classed as a ‘letter’, amongst other things, it mustn’t exceed a certain width, something like 10mm. At that width, practically all of the most effective promotional gifts are excluded, even the printed promotional pen can no longer be sent by letter post. So what can, and what’s effective?

Printed Fridge Magnets

Printed Fridge Magnets

Printed Fridge Magnets.
They’re perfect for the post, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, are printed in full colour (allowing your imagination to run wild with the visuals), and are available at a low cost – perfect for lumpy mail. It used to be the case that to get an unusually shaped magnet you’d have to pay for a set-up/cutter, but that’s hardly ever the case these days, with literally hundreds of pre-formed and pre-cut shapes for you to select from.

If you get the image right, these printed fridge magnets will hang around for ages. Think of all that memory hook marketing they’ll get. each time your customer walks by the magnet, they’ll subliminally see your brand or message. At such a low cost, these little promotional giveaways are sure to bring you a return on investment.

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