A Promotional Pen That’s Mightier Than An Advertising Hoarding

How can that be?, I hear you ask, well that’s because IT IS an advertising hoarding!!! This unique promotional pen has a pull-out banner, with all-over print, giving you a massive amount of space to put your sales message across yet its still a pen.

Massive print area on the mini pull-out banner

With a massive 68 x 200mm full colour print area onto the mini pull-out banner, these Banner Ballpens give you loads of options for selling and promoting your message.

Perhaps the weakest point of a normal ballpen is the limitation on how much you can print onto the barrel or clip, generally, not a lot, so here at RT Promotions we’re finding this promotional ballpen is going down a storm with clients that need to get a lot of print in front of their customers. The mini banner is spring loaded, and pulls out to reveal an advertising hoarding. When released it pulls back into the pen, allowing the pen to be used in its intended function.

Perhaps the best thing about this pen is that its a ‘water cooler’ pen. You’ll find yourself playing with it, talking about it, and showing it to your colleagues, now that’s what I call Memory Hook Marketing!!

Promotional Pens have been a top-selling line for years, topping all of the lists I’ve ever seen for ‘the most effective promotional gift’, and its been successful for a reason… we all have a stash of them, so a printed promotional pen is a really simple way to put your name, your logo, your contact details, etc, into your customers hands. It’s a commonly held belief that the average promotional pen exchanges hands five times in its lifetime. In other words, your promotional pen, with your printed message on it, will be owned, held and used by five different owners…. I’d guess this has an impact on its effectiveness wouldn’t you??

3 Responses to “A Promotional Pen That’s Mightier Than An Advertising Hoarding”

  1. Fred Bear Says:

    Nice post, I think the banner gives this promotion the WOW! Factor

  2. Thank you so much for a lovely article.

  3. Promotional Pens Says:

    Thanks for your kind words. Promotional gifts are simple but effective.

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