Photo Caption Competition

We came across this image in our files, showing Jamie Mack with an enormous ‘bug’ in his hand, and wondered what our readers might make of it. We’re giving away a free travel bag for the most amusing caption. Tell us your suggestions, and a winner will be announced on the 23rd July. Go on, give it a go!

Big Bug and Jamie

18 Responses to “Photo Caption Competition”

  1. should i really eat this?

  2. Do you like my new RT’s promotional syrup!

  3. Jamie says, “I agree, baldness IS relative.”

  4. Jamie has the bug exactly where you could have your clients with RT promotions.

  5. Barry White Says:

    ‘Bug’gered if I know who he looks like!

  6. Barry White Says:


  7. Barry White Says:

    Jamie thought it was a lady bug!

  8. Eddie was surprised to find that even his hampster could grow a better beard than him!

  9. Jamie knew that he shouldn’t have have washed his wife’s murkin in with the whites!

  10. Star Trek fan Jamie knew he was in deep tribble!

  11. Keith Harris’ job was safe after Jamies audition!

  12. Jamie wondered if “hairy palms” ran in the family?

  13. Let’s all give a big “hand fur” Jamie.

  14. The magic mushrooms were nice but now I’m off to enjoy a lovely glass of Templar Wine!

  15. These new gloves are so impractical!

  16. Do we really think were related !

  17. Shirley Says:

    (Robot like) I’m getting my personality from RT Promotions – that and my good looks can take over the world!

  18. Jane McKell Says:

    They come bigger than this!


    They are big, blue and hairy; what more do you want?

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