Want To Get Into Your Client’s Fridges?

Everybody has a fridge don’t they? So if you could somehow, get your companies message into a fridge, how powerful would that be? So, there’s just one problem… just how on earth are you going to get folk to place your company logo or message into their fridges? Go on, take a look in your fridge, and apart from the usual consumer products in there, I bet you don’t have anyone advertising to you. So, what’s the answer?
Printed Fridge Thermometer

Printed Fridge Thermometer

Take a look at these printed fridge thermometers.
They are such a simple promotional gift idea, but then, the best ones usually are. They have a built-in colour coded temperature guide, to let you know that your fridge is functioning at the correct temperature, and the best bit is, we can print the top area with your company brand, logo, or message.

It’s not often I come across a promotional gift that will work in both the domestic marketplace as well as the commercial one, but this one does. I think this will work best on a subliminal level. Every time you open the fridge you see a logo or message, and it will slowly seep into your subconscious. That’s what we call ‘Memory Hook Marketing’. No hard sell, just gradually getting your point across, so that when the client wants to make a purchase, it’s YOUR company that springs to mind first. With prices as low as 75p, can you imagine the return on investment you’d get, if just ONE client purchased from you??

3 Responses to “Want To Get Into Your Client’s Fridges?”

  1. Now that is a fantastic idea and very cool too – excuse the pun
    Great new site too – very sexy

    ARE Creative

  2. Absolutely going to get some of these! Our business won’t be left out in the cold if we have these to give away! Oops, sorry another pun popped in there!

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