A Lost Deal That Made Me Smile Anyway

It isn’t often you’ll hear me talk about losing a deal whilst having a smile on my face at the same time, but yesterday, that’s exactly what you’d have got!! I’d been in talks with one of my larger corporate clients (that’s larger as in global-sized-business as opposed to a large person), who were exploring the idea of inviting lots of their clients to their UK Head Office to watch one of the upcoming England World Cup matches.

Just add your logo

Their thinking was along the lines of having lots of nibbles and drinks with giant TV monitors and comfy seats spread around….. and maybe a few corporate gifts to take home with them to act as a reminder of a fabulous afternoon out.

Well they already have loads of spare promotional gift items, you know, printed pens, branded coffee mugs, that kind of thing, so there would be no problem in having a nice selection of personalised gifts, but they wanted something more in keeping with the World Cup.

After lots of options were floated around, they decided on these England Flag Polo Shirts. They were pre-embroidered with the flag, so all we’d have to do is embroider their logo/message onto them. It was a nice sized order, and would have rounded off the various guests day by being given a quality shirt to go home with.

With all the paperwork in place, it was simply a question of fine tuning the various sizes my client would require. We were told we’d get the order the next day.

After reading my headline for this article, it’ll come as no surprise when I tell you my client decided NOT to go ahead with this particular order.

But why on earth would I find this amusing? I’d just lost an order and yet I had a smile on my face????

Simple really… the reason they decided against the marketing spend on this particular (small scale) World Cup event, was because they’d decided to become a corporate sponsor of the Ferrari F1 Team. Part of the deal gives them access all areas at the British F1 race in July, and their thinking was that this would give a lot more bang per buck….

Now I’m a big fan of F1 racing, and hearing an argument like that, as opposed to ‘we can’t afford it’ or ‘we thought we’d give them a free lunch instead’ just brought a great big smile to my face.

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