Are Stress Toys An Effective Promotional Product?

The whole point of a promotional gift, is that it needs to be effective. Now ‘effective’ can mean different things to different people, but for the most part, and especially with something like a Promotional Stress Toy, it will usually mean: “does it make my business or service remembered”.

Stress Toy Heart

Heart Shaped Stress Toy

Most people will use a promotional stress toy a bit like a 3D business card…. you’re trying to get the recipient to remember you, to like you, and hopefully think of you when they need whatever it is that you are selling. Here at RT Promotions we call that kind of thinking ‘Memory Hook Marketing’. You’re not being pushy and asking for the sale right now, you’re hoping that your 3D business card is kept long enough that you get the business when the time is right.

Most promotional gifts, in fact the BEST promotional gifts, are USEFUL. They’re kept because you like /want them. They may not be sexy/clever/funky or funny, they may not even light up, but you’ll keep them because you think you’ll use them. So my question is, “what am I meant to do with a stress toy”?

I have a theory, that long after the seminar where they are handed out, or the trade show where they get a smile and are picked up and stuffed into the goody bag, that they end up either:
A: In the bottom of the rubbish drawer, or
B: Given to the dog

A Stress Toy - shaped like a chicken

A Stress Toy – shaped like a chicken

Now, there are always exceptions, and I have a client who really works at making their promotional stress toy to be effective. Their business, The Swan Company, amongst other things, ‘takes the ‘cold’ out of cold calling’. They have a phrase that says something like, “are you a chicken when it comes to making phone calls”, and as a result, whilst their logo is a swan, they give away stress chickens. But here’s the really clever bit…. they don’t just hand them out to anyone. You have to earn one. They are only given to you if you choose to have a consultative meeting about your telemarketing. Clever that. The owner talks about the chickens, shows you the chickens, and will even let you hold one of her chickens, but you can’t have one without having a meeting!!! Best of all, it gets people talking (like I’m doing now), about her business… ‘memory hook marketing?

As an effective marketing tool it’s been first rate with a very high conversion rate. I must ask her to tell me what her return on investment is, as I seem to recall, that getting maybe just two new customers from this promotional gift initiative would more than pay for the costs… the rest would be pure profit, and the last time we spoke she had had around half a dozen customers sign up.


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