Printed Flags To Get Your Brand Noticed

Sometimes the best ideas are so obvious, so BIG, that you overlook them. Take printed flags for example. You see them all the time, branded and personalised for various companies, and yet, they are not on the top of eveyones list of great promotional products to purchase for your marketing campaign.

Promotional Flags For Your Event

Promotional Flags For Your Event

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of having a printed flag to promote your business:

You don’t need to order large quantities, we can print just ONE.

Their very nature means they ‘move’ and flutter, and even make a little noise, thereby catching your targets attention.

They’re BIG and therefore sure to get noticed.

They last a long time, giving you years of added value.

RT Promotions print all our promotional flags in FULL colour, allowing you to let your imagination run wild with the colours and images, all at the same price.

Our flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

All of our flags fold away into an easy to handle carry case, perfect for stowing away in your car after an event, as well as for easy storage back at the office.

They’re easy to put up, just minutes from your arrival, the flag will be flying.

We don’t charge you for a change in design, so you can purchase a range of different styles, all the better for creating impact whenever they’re on view.

As was stated earlier, flags are subliminal, they’re ‘just there’ aren’t they? That makes them perfect to reinforce your brand or message in a gentle/continual way, that’s what we call ‘memory hook marketing’

3 Responses to “Printed Flags To Get Your Brand Noticed”

  1. Hey Richard….I love the new blog look…..making promotional products sexy.

  2. Thanks Rachel….. been doing some tidying up and bringing all the social media stuff ‘on brand’. Glad you like it!!!

  3. wicked.. really like this

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