Top Ten Tips For Buying A Printed Coffee Mug

Printed Coffee Mugs have been one of the top-selling promotional gifts for years, and it’s no wonder. If you take your time and get the small details correct, a branded coffee mug will hang around for years, promoting your message even when the mug isn’t being used!!! My company RT Promotions, supplies printed and personalised coffee mugs to clients all over the world, and we get to see some great ideas, and some not so great. We’d recommend that you consider the following top ten points when budgeting for promotional coffee mugs:

  • Why choose yet another ‘white’ mug? Choose a colourful pre-glazed mug that will get your message noticed.
  • Why not turn the colour of the mug, into your brand? On some mugs we can colour-match to your brand.
  • The more stylish mugs often have the smallest printable areas for you to brand.
  • The classic mugs often have the larger printable areas for you to brand.
  • Remember to ask for the cost of the ‘carriage’. Mugs are heavy and fragile and expensive to deliver.
  • You’ll struggle to give just ‘one’ mug to every client, budget for between two and four per office.
  • Need a ‘classy’ look? Consider getting bone china instead of the commonly-used earthenware ones.
  • Mugs are great to hand out at an event, but expensive to package and individually post.
  • Most, but not all mugs will allow you to have a different print on the front and back for the same cost.
  • To stand out from the crowd, consider alternative printing methods. Take a look at some of the alternatives.

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